Removed the Water Spots on my Car!

remove water spots from my car

I will confess, I’m not the best at keeping my car the cleanest. It’s the least thing I want to do when it comes to my grocery trips, visiting family, going out with friends…however it’s starting to look embarrassing. I took a before and after shot of what my car was like after using the 3D Water Spot Remover, it looks amazing!

Literally got all of the water spot marks off my car. It’s not looking like a dried finger with all those gross looking crease stains. I’ve used 3D Detailing Products on my car whenever I do take the time to wash it, and let me say…these products work extremely well. They’re all Eco-Friendly, Safe on my paint and do a great job at cleaning the exterior and interior. The HD line is AMAZING! I highly recommend it.

I recently moved from the dry desert to the green beautiful valley hills. However moving from our house (which we decided to finally rent it out to tenants!), we moved to a comfortable apartment. With doing so….we have little garage space because all of our family junk is taking up our space. Now I have to park my car outside, near the sprinklers.

You can purchase the Water Spot Eraser from:
Amazon (Free 2-Day Shipping for Amazon Prime Members)


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