Cool Cosmic Birthday Party at Sky High Sports – Valencia!


This year we got a little worried that the rain was going to ruin Zachary’s 1st Birthday so we changed plans from an outdoor park celebration, to an indoor trampoline cosmic party! Best decision ever!



Everyone loves trampolines!!!
Check out a little peak of Zachary’s 1st Birthday!


We got an awesome package from our local Sky High Sports in Valencia, CA to host a party from 9pm – midnight (call us crazy but everyone loved it). Besides, Zachary doesn’t sleep through the night yet and thinks it’s time to party at midnight. Since most of our guest range from 4 years old -teenagers, we thought they’d love this! Of course Zachary didn’t join in too much fun, but he got lots of cuddles and kisses from the family.

I threw on some neon shorts and funky socks to jump comfortably. We tossed around some hoola-hoops, twirling wands, beach frisbees and some random funny hair pieces for the littlest guest. Our party favors were candy filled tumbler cups that had a mustache print and a few glow in the dark bracelets, we put these on our tables. It was a workout! 

They played fun exciting music, had the whole place lit with black lights and energetic staff. The foam pit was the favorite spot for the toddlers and pre-school age kids, and the teenagers were swinging off the ropes into the foam pits, doing flips and jumping off the walls! Literally! We will be back to enjoy some fun exercise and of course, join the boys for the fun.

12931071_10209359063798424_7010024334556215972_n 12936705_10209359065118457_1974503653547093757_n

12991059_10209359058678296_7988355405055775986_n 12993595_10209359057438265_6810773930141737878_n

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