Killer Sexy Mohawk Updo Hairstyles!

I absolutely love some killer and sexy hairstyles! You can easily style your hair into a cute mohawk for a casual or formal event. I dropped by my local beauty salon and requested a curled mohawk for a sweet 16 party. I am extremely horrible at creating my own updos, therefore, I’d much rather pay and not stress over the situation. Check out some of the cool options that I selected.

94ef611aa8c0449ec4cf755cd6c47b64 676c286d0c62b3b86cdc91b53ca3295a a5003c8dfed9aff2df81b1029e9a8bcd

They’re all awesome!

cc122a3658ea885f91095c5f688577a1 bridal-mohawk-faux-formal-hair1 3f45110ff263fceb0fb11ac50860a742

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