5 Must-Have Accessories for Spring Travel Adventures

Everyone loves Spring, tasty drinks, pizza and some killer adventure spots! On the west coast it’s the best time to enjoy those summer plans much earlier than expected, the weather starts to warm up, you can hike the rugged hills or drop by the lake. Just toss your GoPro with an extra battery, sunscreen and explore the outdoors with just a few accessories.

I recently stumbled upon a cool online shop; Spring, which gets some fashion-inspiration from SoHo. I’ve included some of their accessories selections that I personally checked out for a few cool items to pack for my next trip.

Thank yourself later! If your planning to keep under shade, take a hat. As much as we’d all like to be evenly tan and soak up those rays, play it safe. Skin cancer is no joke, protect your face and skin with anything you can.

You could carry a lovely cute shoulder handbag, but if you’re out and about, the least you want to worry about is your sore shoulder. Dig through your old high school bags, hiking pack or simply toss one of those fashion backpack purses and just go.

I love Ray Ban Aviators, they make me feel extra badass. When your kicking back and sitting by the lake, just toss your shades on and relax.  

I’m not a brand snob, but if I see something I like, charge my shit. I’ll gladly pay for a nice Fossil watch or some little rinky dinky watch.

Socks are my thing! I love some colorful, kick-ass patterns, and different length socks. I usually wear some tube socks with shorts and a good comfy pair of converse. You can never get enough of clean fresh socks, keep those stinky feet away, ain’t nobody got time for that! 


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