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prescription sunglasses

This is the first summer that my husband has owned his motorcycle and let’s just say…it’s his new best friend! I’ve been able to catch some nice rides and hang out with some of his MC friends, nice guys. The one thing I have always enjoyed the most about being outside, the lovely sun. But first, check out some of the new glasses I got….

                                            cute glases 0bba5a26-bf2c-429d-92f5-3a089b86f582

Stunna-Shades!!! Who knew that you could find a great quality set of glasses online?! I found this awesome set over at and instantly was attracted to the cool reflective tint, which is applied to a completely separate frame that is magnetic and can be removed! The have a cool clip-on magnetic frame turns your glasses into prescription sunglasses. Badass right??!?!



I’ve been running on a daily basis, usually  just as the sun is setting and let me tell you…these are my must have item. They protect my eyes from the sunlight when I go on my evening runs with a beautiful sunset. My running partner, Whiskey seems to like them too.


clip-on sunglasses


Summer is definitely the time to get outside and soak up those rays of sunshine and enjoy the heat. A great way to let loose and get some wind through your hair is to go riding. Whether it’s on a bicycle, horseback riding, ATV quad, Jet-Ski’s, or simply…hoping on the back of a motorcycle and letting the air comb your hair. My riding helmet lets me wear eyewear comfortably, which is a plus when you’re on the freeway. Sometimes that wind can be harsh, now I can ride in style!


Honestly, one of my favorite parts of these sunglasses are definitely the reflective reno tint. As you can see, it mirrors whatever it may be that catches your eye. Sonny, my 4 yr old loves these! Check out the cool mini Instagram review he wanted to do: Click Here to view it. The sunglasses I ordered are: Reno Rectangle Clip-Ons with a Brown Strip, I just can’t get over them and neither can the boys.


You can score a great deal with this coupon code: GSHOT50 and receive 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

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