Weekly Nutshell: Finding Happiness while Running and Playing!

Grandpa and Grandson happy dog

There’s been many days when I feel overwhelmed with keeping my house tidy, clean and organized. The truth of it, I’m not tidy, clean or perfectly organized. I’m a working mom with two boys under the age of 4 years old and a husband who loves to ride his motorcycle and enjoys playing guitar. In the past, I would come home from work and feel so damn annoyed when I saw toys in the living room, a messy countertop and simply…a chaotic house. I wasn’t enjoying the simple things. Lately, I’ve said…Fuck it!

With that type of attitude, I’ve become happier!

running daddy and son

My boys have so much energy, and the only way to get them into bed is to tire them out! We have been playing outside, visiting parks, running with the dogs, taking a jog with the stroller, dancing inside, just playing.

pitbull running partner 6075d286-d708-4830-9d23-c18377a23bbd

Whiskey enjoyed his 2 mile cardio day! He ran 1 mile and walked the 2nd mile back home. A good pace for him to start out. With this crazy and humid weather, I need to make sure he’s hydrated enough to go out for a light run. The boys are loving the park, they sure get stinky!

playing in the sand daddy and sons

My favorite post workout or late night meal: Salad, Fruit/Veggies, or Oatmeal.

I try not to eat after 6pm, but sometimes…a girls gotta eat! My salad below is very basic, simply green romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, olives with ranch dressing. The bread is toasted with a hint of melted cheese. I’m trying to run at least 3-4x per week with at least 1-5 miles per day, last week I hit my record of a 6.5 mile run! Holy Shit was that hard and fucking hot. Let’s just say, my legs felt like jello.

salad to go

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