Venting: Time Management

There are times when I get home and instantly dread making dinner, cleaning up toys, entertaining my boys (and the dogs), simply – ADULTING! That’s when we pick up a quick subway and head straight to our local Bridgeport pond and feed the ducks. 

Santa Clarita Bridgeport Feeding ducks

Bridgeport is a cute pond with a lovely dock thats beautifully lit throughout the evening and night. It has red eared turtles, various ducks, geese, and cool treat dispensers. The cheerios look-a-like dispensers are placed throughout the area so your family can feed the pond animals a little snack for a few cents ($0.25). Some of those little ducks are just damn crazy, they get up close and personal. Letting you feed them directly from your hand. We like to stay away from the geese, those little quacks can get aggressive!

kids feeding ducks  Kids playing with chalk

I didn’t post much in July and August since we had 6 birthday events, 4th of July, and honestly – I just tried to keep the boys indoors away from the nasty 110* heat! Just saying, who in their right mind wants to venture out in that type of weather! Now that it’s cooling down, we can swing by our local little parks and enjoy a summer eventing and fresh night. I felt like July and August have been full of learning how to manage time for my family, myself, staying active, cooking healthy meals and enjoying a summer break.

strawberries birthday cake

I like to pack snacks for the boys, they’re growing so quickly. 😦
My little guys are always digging through my purse and asking for drinks – they sure get hungry and thirsty! I’ll pack strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, any fresh fruit, veggies, water and a juice box for them. My favorite part about all of the little snacks, diapers, wipes, and extra clothes packing – that it will soon be another milestone we’ve finished in our lifestyle.

Night run with toddler selfie

We’re not all perfect, just go outside and move your body, play with the kids. Let your inner tomboy not give a fuck about how dirty you’ll get, how much you’ll sweat, just live for the moment!


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