MothaCluckin’ Anxiety from my Kids

BLAHHHhh!!!! This is one of those days. These days haven’t come around often but when it does, shit just gets real. Lets face it: making dinner, running errands and dealing with your kids throwing tantrums over the little shit. It can build up some serious anxiety.

Zachary Remmy

My youngest is only 1.5 years old (Zachary), not too needy because he thinks he’s an independent contractor running the show. He’s climbing things, screaming, always wants to eat and has the worst tantrums when I try to get him to bed.

Sonny Jameson

Sonny, my oldest is 5 years old: since he’s started Kindergarten, he’s been extra emotional. Crying over little issues, doesn’t like to be bothered by his little brother, Zachary. My little house went from not much noise, to a damn wrestling arena. WTF!

Boys playing outside

I’ve been a stay at home mom, that shit is no fun. Even having to go to work and come back to more responsibilities, chores, crying kids or annoying ass homework that your kids are forced to do. I think people would be much happier getting to spend more time with their kids in a stress free environment.

There’s a few things that have been making me feel overwhelmed:

  • Weekly: 14 pages of Kindergarten homework, Sight Words, reading 3 books per night
  • Making dinners for the family (even though my husband helps, it’s just straight up – annoying!)
  • Not enough uninterrupted time during my Workout
  • Not having time to myself; facial mask/ fitness / blogging / etc
  • Lack of Sleep

As much as some of these social media parents like to talk about the lovey dovey moments of parenting, when shit hits the fan – just be real. #TruthfulParenting

These are ways that I’ve decided to help with my micro-anxiety moments: workout for 15-30 mins on those rough days, or skip a day. Fuck it, one missed workout won’t throw me off. Just never skip a Monday! Ask my husband to help with Sonny’s homework before I get off from work, every little bit helps. Use the crock pot a lot more often, that saves lots of time. Goodbye dirt stack of dishes, go with paper plates. Be myself, I’m not perfect and it’s ok.

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