Gifts for Boys under 5 years old

My favorite part about my role as a #BoyMom or #MomOfBoys are the cool gifts they score for birthdays, Christmas, and the other special occasions. With the holidays coming by, I wanted to share some gift ideas for boys under 5 years old.

kids playing outside

Kids love to play outside, here are some of my favorite outdoor toys that my sons have loved from day one! Big Splash Water Table, these are even more fun when you can sip a cold lemonade and watch your kids soak in the outdoor play. They even make some pretty cool sand tables. My favorite part, they can use their imagination and not feel alone if there aren’t many friends to play at the moment.

push buggy

I personally hate these bulky Push Buggies, but the kids fucking love them! My niece and Zachary ran around pushing each other in this cute buggy that her dad spray painted into a beautiful lavender and glitter paint.

toddler books

One thing that I’ve always loved to do: buy an outfit with a cute set of pajamas and a story time toddler book for my little family members. It’s a cute substitute for toys. Two or three toys are awesome, but a whole fucking trunk load, no thanks. I’d rather see the kids prepared for the new season.

little cowboy

Which brings me to outfits, simple and yet, classy. I love boys because you can dress them in a cute button up with jeans or kakis and dress them down with a pair of shorts and cute Hawaiian shirt. You can’t go wrong with clothes!

little cowboy

Nerf Balls, nerf guns, cool toys that can be brought inside & out. We love these soft football shaped balls that won’t give the boys a black eye. Teaching them the sport can be a little damn scary, but not with these sponge soft nerf balls.

Capes, toy guns/arrows, dinosaurs, trains, musical instruments. There are endless gifts. If you don’t want to give toys or clothes, you can try family movie tickets, theme park tickets, horseback lesson gift certificates, ice cream gift cards.

playing football kids playing in sand box

Bring the sand toys out even when you don’t hit the beach. Just use that summer kiddie pool, buy 2 (5lb) bags of sand at your local Walmart or Home Depot and TA-DA! Entertainment that will last forever!

toy truck at the park

We can’t end the post without cool big trucks! Sonny pushes his fruit, toys, little brother, you name it! Anything that monster truck can hold, he’s pushing it until the wheels fall off. Boys love to get into dirt, roughing up some grass and straight up – fucking up their clothes! And if you absolutely can’t think of what to give, a simple Toys R Us gift card will put a smile on any childs face.


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