Gilchrist Farm Santa Clarita – Pumpkin Patch

Hay! We dropped by the Gilchrist Farm to pet some cute little piglets, milk the momma goat and picked a pumpkin to celebrate the fall. The family farmhouse opened it’s doors to the community this year and it was swarmed with locals stopping by for their family traditions.


Talk about a rad place to hang out with a bunch of 5 year old kids! These guys seriously loved the farm. We were able to let them run their energy out in the cool hay maze. It’s 4ft tall and the hay stacks were awesome for some cool pumpkin patch photos. Kids get lost pretty damn easily, so this maze was just tall enough so the kids wouldn’t see above it but the parents could clearly locate them if they weren’t finding their way out.


They didn’t have scary decorations, mostly cute and friendly. This was their “scariest” Halloween creeper. My sons kindergarten class was so excited to see the animals on the farm. It was the best attraction of the field trip.

14639817_10211191691012959_6606057367264093908_n 14639800_10211191700373193_4381870225248050668_n 14708190_10211191692172988_8665987907833056721_n

We only stayed for two hours, which was more than enough time for the average classroom size of 24 students. They were crawling around the farm like mini army ants trying to find the next cool adventure.

14523218_10211191698173138_5635211254972077909_n gilchrist farm pig 14713586_10211191691732977_8722231037204506466_n

It was pretty bad ass that the staff were naturally friendly, especially after answering all of those random questions (lets face it, some kids can be annoying). They brought some chicken feed and let the class toss some food for the hens and roosters.

14522999_10211191694413044_1169712370693911837_n 14600913_10211191693413019_671906180337345086_n 14718860_10211191704093286_6887707714523414802_n 14591769_10211191692893006_4363194495294794981_n 14572860_10211191695493071_5435340401555720972_n

Overall, the trip to Gilchrist Farm was an educational field trip and the kids loved it. Everyone brought home a cute pumpkin to decorate with their family. I would recommend that you visit this cute little farm and support your local small business.

14907174_10211191690852955_2543854269502150882_n 14721712_10211191702493246_1334278367506590389_n 14713626_10211191695093061_7259240543505192168_n

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