Green Salsa Breakfast Burrito

One of my absolute favorite breakfast meals is hands down my signature Green Salsa Burrito. At times I’ll get fancy and add some extra shit in there, like Mexican crumble cheese, beans and the works. But for now, when I’m on the go – this is my easy on-the-fly breakfast to go.


Lets keep this simple and straight to the point! The only ingredients you will need are:

Tortilla (2)
Eggs (2-3)
Ham (2-3 slices chopped or torn apart)
Cheese (shredded – 1 handful)
Green Salsa (1 spoon – store bought )

eggs and ham

I just grab the lunch meat package from my fridge, that shit expires too fast anyways. Forget the knife, just tear the motherfucker up! You don’t have to be perfect, its going to be breakfast and you’ll gobble that shit down.

eggs and cheese

Get those 2-3 eggs, no need to whisk them. Just toss them into your skillet, pop those eggs yolks.

Scramble the fuckers together and just sprinkle cheese. Meanwhile, you can warm up those tortillas in the microwave, or a separate skillet / heating tray.

Prep your burrito and baptize it with Salsa! It’s the best part, be a little extra generous. TA-DA! Thank me later, go gobble down an easy breakfast on the go.

green salsa burrito

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