Weekly Nutshell: Staying on Track with Priorities

I’ll admit that I lose track of my goals, priorities and life in general – wayyyy too easily. With our typical family stuff, I forget to really sit back and enjoy the little things. Like -going to our favorite little ranch (Copper Horse Riding Ranch) for lessons and letting the boys run around feeding and petting the farm animals.We grew up in the suburbs and basically live in a growing city, it’s hard to get out into the country and feel stress free.

Boy Horseback Riding

Last weekend we stopped by for some riding lessons, the boys loved it! We typically stay for 2 hours and by the time they get home, they’re OUT from all of the running around and brain stimulation.

boy and his dog

During the week, I feel like our schedule is your typical daily routine:

Wake up, Shower / get ready, wake up the boys – shower/get ready, breakfast, off to school and work, come home and make dinner, do homework, gym time and get home to shower and go to bed. So basic!


I got myself a cute little back leather style Notebook, dusted my Planner and this great book I began ready but never got past the first chapter (“You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero). It’s about fucking time that I my shit together and start living the awesome life that I’ve always wanted. No  Rules, No Regret, More Family Time,  Active Lifestyle, Outdoor Adventures, Play with my Dogs, NOT GIVE A SHIT over the little things that I can’t control.


We get caught up in too much typical shit and make excuses, it’s time to call bullshit on it! Get out and ride the roller coaster of life, make shit happen!

breast cancer awareness

motorcycle ride

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