DIY Made Simple – Easy Picture Frame Collage

I don’t have time to make all of those cute DIY Pinterest home decor items. Some times those cute items require too much time, money and still end up looking like shit. On my end at least! Let me share my new DIY photo frame I kinda made..

It literally took me less than 15 minutes! 

DIY photo frame kit

I bought this little set of Photo Clip Lights for just under $10, yep! They’re dirt cheap and an Amazon Prime item. The frame was purchased at my local Home Goods but I’ve seen similar styles at Marshall’s and Target. I found this Burlap Bulletin Board, for just $32 and the best part, it’s already made! You basically just buy your frame, pin the lights onto the bulletin frame and TAADAA. Simple and easy DIY photo bulletin for your family room or college dorm.

DIY Picture Frame

No need to drive down to multiple stores for different items that may not be carried at your local Marshalls or Target, just Amazon Prime that hot stuff and you don’t have to haul around the kids and avoid cruising your cart around the toy section.

What I love about this cool display, I can change the photos whenever I please. You could also decorate your bedroom or office space with this cute style.

Easiest DIY Hack I’ve done! 

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