Placerita Nature Center – Toddler and Kid Friendly Hiking Spot!

The best way to get my boys tired, take them outside to enjoy a nature walk. It’s free, peaceful (sometimes😋 ), it can stir up an appetite and tire them out! We’re lucky to have a few awesome locations in Southern California. 

Let’s face it – Zachary (my toddler) won’t be able to walk for miles, neither will my 5 yr old, Sonny. I have to select some cool little short hikes with enough shade to let them run wild. Basically allow their inner🐣 🐥 “spirit animals” come out and adventure through nature.

toddler hiking

The boys picked up sticks, threw some rocks, jumped off some cool random benches and were scouting for some deer. We made sure to grab some lunch before we hit up this nature walk.

nature walk


chasing mom

daddy and son

The boys were running around chasing me, throwing pinecones – playing tag and just enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather. Ernie (my husband) was down to roam free with us and got some cute pictures from this walk and picnic.

mom and sons

I love the Placerita Nature Center because it has lots of benches, waterfalls, streams and beautiful oak trees. The natural little streams are great places to explore. We took a salad and some burgers for the boys. There’s a cool little informative museum that has preserved animals that are living in the little Santa Clarita mountain/valleys.

Placerita canyon

One of the other cute places to relax and let the kids do their thing, is the cute little duck pond in Santa Clarita – Bridge Port! I have a little post about venting and time management, where you can see some pictures from our visit to Bridge Port.

daddy and son silhouette

father and son


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