Weekly Nutshell: Fun Indoor Wrestling Show in LA and Yummy Cupcakes!

This weekend was full of some pretty awesome events! I went to my first wrestling show in a Sun Valley, which is near Los Angeles. Ate some fucking delicious food and desserts. Check it out! You may want to drop by  these places with your friends or family.. 

wavy hair panera bread coffee

Here’s a sneak peek of my work hair styles, you’ll find me wearing my company hat and the polo shirt. I like to share my lunch, coffee and selfies on Instagram fairly often. I use a Proliss Curling Iron Trio to get those wavy curls. I’ll attach the biggest curling wand, it works wonderfully. I have heavy thick hair and my curls usually fall out with other irons, but this holds them soooo nicely.

in n out burger workflow aloe gloe


I work out in the “field” – no luxury of having a nice office lunch room. You can find me having some fruit, veggies, on the go – salad, or some burgers from In N Out / The Habit. My absolute favorite drink has become Aloe Gloe! It’s organic, taste great and has very little calories. Truly is a refreshment.

boy and his dog after 5 mile run

My boys have been sick with a horrible cold, so we warmed up the house by baking some homemade buttery biscuits on Friday night. I’ll have to dedicate a post to my recipe, they’re yummy and super quick to make.


baking biscuits

My Saturday morning was filled with catering to the boys, making homemade pancakes, getting some chores around the house done. I was able to slip away into the gym for a 5 mile run and some sauna time. For the evening we took Sonny to see our high school friends for the KnokxPro Wrestling Show!

car selfie

It’s a cool wrestling academy in Southern California, within the Los Angeles County area and they have a wrestling match every month where the students can invite family and friends to watch their performance.

wrestlers   Rakishi wrestling


I was a bit hesitant since it’s not something I would normally drop by. I’m so glad my husband bought the tickets. The show was fucking awesome, it was a small crowd and the people were all different. Now I can say that I’m a fan of this cool hangout spot. As a child, I was a big wrestling fan – there were times where I’d beg my mom and grandma to let me stay up until 10pm to watch the last match on WWE. The coolest part – I got to see one of my childhood wrestling idols – Rakishi!

wrestling show knokxpro

I highly recommend anyone to just get out of your comfort zone and go check out something you normally wouldn’t do. Like these cool wrestling shows!

wrestling wrestling knokxpro

As I did some holiday shopping, I picked up these killer candles. Warm Tobacco Pipe and Bourbon, they smell damn good! My house is small, extremely small – and I need some candles to make it smell good. Every now and then, my dogs will be a little extra stinky.

bourbon candle warm tobacco pipe candle

My boys got to enjoy some yummy cupcakes from Lady Di’s Cupcakes, my husband quickly stole some of his favorites. I had to take out the DSLR and take some lovely pictures of those sweet treats. Besides, who doesn’t like to share some dessert pics on Instagram?!?

lady di cupcakes lady di's santa clarita lady di's cupcakes

My month has been simple – enjoying more time with my favorite #TrevizoBoys and moving this little Elf on the Shelf after wrapping a few gifts at a time. I’m so excited that Christmas is just around the corner, I’ll be sharing some gifts that I have purchased and received. Along with our cool new family tradition for Xmas.

cupcakes elf on the shelf

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