Weekly Nutshell: Family Time during the Holidays + Winter OOTD

It’s finally over! The holidays quickly arrived and they flew by waaayy too fast. My family was blessed with many toys, lots of food, great clothes and most of all..a holiday with nobody fighting or talking crap to each other after Christmas dinner.

Sonny Jameson workflow

Typical workflow, I was extremely thankful to spend Friday-Monday with my boys and hang let them have a Christmas Tornado at home. I literally didn’t pick up my house until Tuesday (well more like the husband, he cleaned up). I just did a few things here and there because he was home all week.

Sonny was showing me his “yucky” finger that had black marker paint all over it. Not intentionally flipping the bird, but I actually love this photo. It reminds me of the bird flying Johnny Cash image. I may print this in a lovely canvas size, it just screams AUTHENTIC.

I absolutely love Sonny’s jacket, I bought it at Target and nearly bought myself one too! It’s reversible. Plaid on the inside and charcoal grey on the outside. His Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) was seriously on point! Fucking awesome and just down to earth.


I went to Vincenzo’s Pizza in Newhall, CA to enjoy some tasty pizza with our whole family. They have some delicious pizza, salads, wings, pasta, pricey but fucking yummy food! We got the family deal, which included:  Experenza Pizza (fully loaded with all toppings), Garlic Cheese Bread, Green Salad, and a pitcher of soda. The family deal can easily feed over 6 people.

mommy and son

game time bitches

How cool is this mug! I got it from Spencer’s for $12.99 but got a mens version for 50% off during a great sale they had. One of the cool little traditions my family now does for Christmas is a white elephant. We do it slightly different: stuff a mug with $30-$50 valued items and the size of the mug has no restriction. Most of use buy unisex items like gift cards, socks, random nik naks and of course, someone always throws in a few movie tickets.

Zachary Remmy kids by xmas tree bagel with cream cheese

My days have been filled with hugs, screaming toddlers and young kids with excitement and laughter. Lots of coffee to handle the boys and a little too many Xmas cookies.

mexican heritage

This is my favorite holiday gift, a little set of tortilla warmers stitched from my grandma who retired a few years ago and moved to Rosarito, Mexico. She made quite a bit of these for my aunts, cousins, and I was lucky enough to get a set of three. This funny Mexican grandma who loves to dance, hit up the market, chit chat with neighbors – somehow has time to stitch these cute little flower warmers for us at home.

chewbacca mas

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