Good Food+Portion Control, Working Out and New Years Resolutions!

Okay! I’ve accepted the fact that I’m horrible at keeping my New Year Resolutions. This time around I’ve decided to make more realistic goals and let me just say, there’s no diet! Here’s what is working for me..

In 2016 I lost 30 lbs, pure fat loss! I went from 165 lbs (only 4’11 inches tall) to 135 lbs (current weight) – I felt like a little butterball walking around (sometimes I still do). My maternity pants were the only things I would wear, for about a good year after Zachary (my 2nd child) was born.

My attitude was like shit, my body felt like shit, I ate like shit.

Realistic Weightloss

My old eating habits were horrible. Indulging in desserts, cheeseburgers, fries, large soda pops, everything. Now I’m not saying don’t have that tasty stuff, but I do portion control.

I don’t really have a workout routine, not to make excuses but I never make a schedule to follow. My two boys & two dogs (plus the husband!) keep me so busy after work. Therefore, some days I make it to the gym for a good 45 mins – 1.5 hrs and there are days where I don’t do any workouts. At times a simple walk through the park, hiking or just getting out to the mall will be my “workout for the day”. This snack chart helps me keep on track, especially because I have pretty gross indigestion.

Food to Eat before Workingout

SO How did I loose the 30 lbs?

One day I just threw out all of the maternity pants I owned. Honestly, I was fucking scared because my wardrobe was primarily old preggo outfits. WAKE UP CALL!!!!

I forced myself to get outside and just walk, jog, and eventually run.
This is the basic running schedule I started with.
I was slow.
I was tired.
I had excuses.
I did it and became a runner!
And I lost 30 lbs in less than 4 months.

Running 3miles (1)

Of course I took advantage of my cheat meals. I didn’t really follow a diet, because they don’t work for me. BUT – I did allow only 2 meals during my whole week to enjoy any food without feeling the horrible guilt.

By the way, the purple shake is from Surf City and it’s amazing (less than 300 calories) and it has whey protein, bee pollen, and some fresh berries/fruit.

Healthy Food and Facials

My New Year Resolutions

1. Travel: Take 2-3 Family Vacations
During Spring Break 2017 I’d like to visit the Grand Canyon and do some sight seeing in Arizona. It would be awesome to start saving for a trip to Hawaii for the end of 2017 summer and my last vacation would be to save enough for a New Years Eve trip to New York to see the big ball drop for 2018.

2. Loose 25-30 lbs
At only 4’ll and a small body frame, I’d like to lean out and get back into my comfortable body size that I once was. 105-110 lbs would be my ideal and healthy weight. Therefore, more cardio and some weight training to the mix.

3. Treat Myself without Guilt
My biggest obsession at the moment is face moisturizers. That shit can get pricey, for the vegan brands I like, for instance Josie Maran. Just enjoy shopping again, as a young mom – I typically don’t shop for myself and I need to change that. It’s ok to buy something nice for myself.

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