Simple Style: Vans, Rock N Roll, Jeans + Cute Clogs

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A lifetime goal of mine is to have simple and effortless style. I’m not a fashionista, but Pinterest (follow my Pins!)sure is helping me piece together my t-shirts, jeans, random accessories and throw it together nicely. In a cute tomboy-ish style, that basically keeps me comfortable. Let’s check it out!

Lace Top and Cute Clogs OOTD

We were invited to my cousin-in-laws baby shower and I felt a little sassy. I like to be comfortable and not wear some over the top heels, so I rocked my cute fringe clogs. You can find this cute pair of ♠️️ Black Clogs on Amazon (which I may order myself!) I absolutely love the cute wooden heel.

I basically wore these cute torn jeans, my clogs, a lace top +♠️️ thin braided waist belt to give me some shape. I’ve been searching for a copy cat version of my short 3/4 sleeve blazer coat, but no luck. Just curled my hair and catered to my boys.

My boys wore some seriously cute outfit pieces from Target! Here’s what they’re rocking:

♠️️Boys Reversible Charcoal Grey Coat

Boys Cat & Jack Boots
Boys Jogger Pants

They had an amazzzing taco man, salad bar, overall –  great food!

Rock N Roll Style OOTD

One of my favorite things to wear are my high top Vans. You can never go wrong with a classic set of sneakers, I may buy them in black. They’re perfect
♠️️ Vans Milton Women’s High-Top Skate Shoes, Size: 6, Black

I seriously love my Notorious BIG shirt, which I got from the Mens section at Target. Let me list my outfit below..

Tshirt – Men’s Notorious BIG (Target)
Flannel – Women’s Pink Flannel (Target)
Jeans – Women’s Levi
Hat – “Dope as Fuck” (Spencer’s)
Holiday Socks – Reindeer Xmas Socks (Kmart)
Shoes: Women’s Grey High Top Vans (Vans Store)

I basically just chilled around town, took the boys for some #FroYo at our local yogurt shop. Tossed in some veggies and chicken legs into my crock pot to make a homemade chicken soup. Rounded up the my little guys and went for some

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