Weekend Food Adventures + OOTD on Rainy Days

Tri-Tip sandwich with Mozzarella cheese and some damn good fries. The kids loved The Junkyard Cafe, they had a basic menu for them and some extra goodies; cotton candy and sundae ice cream.

The Junkyard Cafe

Meh’ I wouldn’t recommend their dinner at The Junkyard Cafe, but the breakfast is soo damn good. I love their french toast, amazing huevos rancheros, and the wheat pancakes are pretty good. We went on a double date with my cousin-in-law and of course, we took the boys. They’re expecting a new baby (see the baby bum?!)  in 1 month!

date night

the junkyard cafe simi valley cotton candy

They had this super cute cotton candy on their menu, which was a life saver! My boys were already getting ready to ramble through the table condiments and thankfully they brought these out very quickly and they were dirt cheap. I had to buy their cool restaurant shirt, who wouldn’t wear that?!?

Dinner with kids

mom of boys

My “let’s go” hairstyle: two braids and my hat. I through together a quick outfit that wouldn’t get me soaked if it rained. Here in California we’ve been getting some lovely rain that has been keeping us inside, but thankfully it wasn’t too bad.


My Outfit Of the Day Pieces:

Levi Jeans – Kohls
Guns N’ Roses graphic t-shirt – Target
Harley Davidson hat – Harley Davidson
Grey classic high top Vans – Van Store

Rattlers Cesar Salad

I’m still trying to hang in there with my healthier options, I ate some Rattler’s BBQ Cesar Salad, which were actually my left overs. I like to eat light so that I feel better when I wear my form fitting clothes. My heavier meals make me feel bloated, my jeans typically fit snug and I just feel like a blob. The bread helps me feel a bit fuller, but this is typically 2 meals worth of salad and bread.

Selfie Selfie

#Selfie Moment! 

Outfit of the day

Outfit Pieces for the Day:
Jeggings – Forever 21
Shirt – Harley Davidson
Flannel – Target
Boots – Marshalls
Hat – Gifted from Mom

I like to wear these boots on those soft rainy days, where it’s not down right pouring. Just enough that it may soak your socks if you wear sneakers, but not enough to get through the seams of these booys

Lately, I’ve been heavily wanting to focus on some great food places and I came across Myke’s Cafe on Instgram (check ’em out Here). Who wouldn’t want to swing by for some kickass authentic buttermilk pancakes, or yummy mexican food, let’s not forget the hot coffee!

I will forever be a customer! The food was perfect, they served it so nicely, it was basically made for Instagram photos and presentation was On Fleek.

Myke's Cafe Pacoima CAMykes Cafe Pacoima CA huarache

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