How to Live a Happy Life with Less Stress: Family Outings

Now I’m not saying blast your last dollar to enjoy day, but that’s basically what I do when I set our local family travel budget. We’re a family of 4, shit gets expensive real quick. Let me share some of my stress less + adventure tips as we stop to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

long beach ca

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We recently took a family trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. It’s a good 45 minute drive, we love to soak up the sun and basically let the boys run their energy out. Planning these mini travel outings can be pretty stressful. Especially when you’re trying to keep within a budget, nobody likes to magically see those extra $100 you were trying to save…suddenly – fucking disappear.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Pack the Snacks
Seriously, no joke. If you’ve got kids that love to eat (like my boys!) take a few snacks and some reusable water bottles with refreshing drinks. Toss it into your backpack or family bag and just go with it. I’m not saying pack your whole pantry, but take some snacks for the road that you can leave in the car & enough to not spend $25 on a churro, chips and gatorade.

feeding birds nectarine juice

Take Cash 
We took a limit of $100 cash to spend around the Aquarium, you’ll be able to budget and keep track easier. Believe me, swiping that debit card can make shit disappear faster than a magician. For tickets and entry fee, we charge our debit card, but for the remaining of the time in the park, we kept everything on a cash limit.

Fuck It 
This wasn’t fully planned as I normally plan with full force effort. We knew that we were going for my younger sisters birthday, which was followed by dinner. Most of the time I would be very uptight with our family finances and stress my self over my electric bill not deducting on time. My family isn’t filthy rich, we have budgets and try to save aside as much as possible to simply have an emergency fund. There are times when I don’t add too much to the savings and that’s ok. We just say – FUCK IT! That means during that month, we had more: family time, adventure, less stress and enjoyed our time together.


Life is too beautiful to Stress over the Little Things!

Mom of boys

It’s OK to Spoil Them
Did I mention how much fun my boys had?!?! They were loving the hands on experience, it gave them a new insight towards the sea critters. Of course, I wasn’t too chipper over the $20 plushy that is adding to our mountain of plushy toys at home, but it made them happy. So, we bought it.

 6 yr old GIrls Birthday Gift

I think every mom has a little soft spot for Target. That’s the exact place where I picked up some of my youngest sister’s gifts. It is soo easy to shop for her – she’s a girly, a bit of a tomboy, yet a complete fashionista! Check out my Target Haul for her Birthday Gifts:


Kick the stress bucket and just get out and enjoy your day. I like to live my life as if there’s no promise to another tomorrow. In December we didn’t do many outings and mini local travels because my boys were sick with a horrible cold. Then, the Man Cold took over my husband for two weeks. You just never know when your family isn’t going to feel happy, healthy and so be ready to take charge of your family time.

😉Family, it’s the most valuable treasure.

toddler daddy and sons


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