Cute Bachelorette Desserts: Chocolate Dipped Bananas

Having a fun Ladies Night Inn, Bachelorette Day, Birthday Party or Bridal Shower? These are some of the cute desserts you can lay out and have some of your favorite girls enjoy these sweet treats! 

One of my favorite things to make for any party or social gathering, are the snacks and treats. Everyone loves sweet yummy goodies! I’ll share my quick and easy directions below.

white chocolate colored rice krispie treats

Pink Drizzled Rice Krispie Treats
1 Pack of Candy Melts♠️️
Individual Packaged Rice Krispie Treats
1 Layer of Wax/Parchment Paper
Popsicle Sticks (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)

Cut each of your individual Rice Krispie treat in half
Lay them on Parchment Paper
Microwave heat your Candy Melt ♠️️
Drizzle your melted candy over rice krispies & let them cool

Chocolate drizzled Fruit Kabobs

Chocolate Covered Fruit Kabobs
Chop your selected fruit variety and place onto a kabob.
Lay fruit sticks on your wax/parchment paper.
Melt Chocolate at drizzle it over your fruit kabobs.
Place in refrigerator.

bachelorette party desserts

Check out the Chocolate Covered Bananas pictorial:
You will need to refrigerate the bananas so the chocolate can harden & set them out just before your event begins.


chocolate covered bananas


Candy Covered Pretzels
You can repeat the same concept with pretzels and pretzel sticks, always place them on your parchment paper so they can easily lift and display on a nice dish for your part.

Chocolate Pretzels

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