FriYay Favorites: Organic Coconut Oil, Veggies + Hair Growth

This post was originally going up on Friday, but life happens! I have a few cool products that I’ve come to love enough to share them with you.

Kids Eating Tostadas

I’ll be the first to admit that I get Take-Out waaaay too much. By the time I get home from work, I’m mentally drained and just not feeling like cooking, cleaning the mess and waiting for the food to be cooked. Now, to share my Top 5 FriYay Favorites!

However, too much take out isn’t doing my body good. Therefore, I’ve been making some healthier options with buying more Organic Veggies (they’re not all organic, but I try).

Quick Healthy Meals: Tostadas, Turkey Sandwiches, Chicken Soup in the crockpot, Organic Fruit. I’ve been doing lots of grocery shopping at Aldi, it’s a small grocery chain that has a large selection of organic and healthy food options. Time is valuable and currently, I’m going through this time poverty issue. More time with my boys makes me happiest, so less time cooking meals is always awesome. Besides, healthy and natural food is said to be best for your body, hair and skin. I have noticed I don’t get as many break outs. I’ll give you an update in about 1-2 months with my slow transition to organic groceries.

sandwich and fruit handful of fruit

 Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Drone ♠️️! Whooa, That’s a lot! We just purchased our first drone and although the weather isn’t too nice in Southern California with the crazy rain storms, we got to fly it a few times before the storm hit. Cool videos and aerial shots will be coming your way! You’ll be blown away with the quality.

Cute Squirrel Art with Glasses eating a Donut, on a canvas. I pick this up at my local TJ Maxx ♠️️. Seriously, it’s sooo adorable, I’ll have to show you a display of where I placed it in my room. I’ll post it on Twitter.

Drone Control cute canvas

Sunshine. Our hair needs natural Vitamin D, we can absorb this with a little bit of direct sunshine. I let my hair down and watched the boys ride their scooters on the driveway while I soaked up the sun. It’s an awesome natural hair growth vitamin source. I’m trying to let my hair grow another 12 inches, call me crazy but I do plan to cut it so I can donate the healthy hair.


Magazines and Organic Hair + Body Products like the All Good Brand. I don’t have too much time to hit the gym for two hours at a time. Although I would absolutely love to, sometimes a quick 15 or 30 minute workout on my “Weight Trainer” app will get me to break a sweat. Unfortunately my gym is only open until 11pm and by the time I change over, It’s nearly 10pm and I hate to hold the staff behind and keep them at work later than they need to be. Therefore, my weight trainer app, yoga mat, spin bike and free weights with some good music – help me get the job done! I love the Glamour + Shape magazines, those subscriptions are so worth every penny.

I’m currently using All Good – Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food ♠️️, the texture is very oily but packed into the jar very firmly. As soon as you scoop it out, it start to instantly melt and you can rub this on your body to help moisturize yourself. I have been keeping my feet feeling so smooth and soft with this oil soon after a shower. I rub this on my feet, elbows, knees, mostly dryer areas of my body and put my socks, and clothes on after. You will be so surprised, it works really well. My feet are as soon as a baby bum.

Shape Magazine gives you some great workout tips, cool product suggestions for your body, hair and skin, and you get some nice healthy recipe or snack options.

Glamour Magazine has the best perfume sample strips and cool beauty + fashion tips.

Favorite Magazines! boy and scooter

I’m so happy that we are slowly getting more sunshine in our day, Goodbye to that 5pm midnight craze. If you have any hair growth natural items you use, please drop me a comment below and let me know what works for you!

FriYay 1


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