10 Must Have items to get you through the Day

Don’t you hate that moment when your hair-tie springs too far and snaps! 😑 These are the moments when I wish I had carried my little bag filled with my everyday “lady necessities”.

Favorite Magazines!

I try to be as simple as possible. Sometimes, my purse can be a bit too overwhelming – lets face it, being a woman has it’s luggage. By that I mean, we carry our little nessary items to get us through the day. Feeling refreshed, happy, in control and (as my husband says; sarcastically) on fleek!!

Beauty This for Women

I’ll keep this short and sweet! My little hygiene bag goes everywhere with me! My most embarrassing moment was when I had to ask my husbands friends for a pad because I had just started my period while we were out on a motorcycle event in San Diego. It was 6am and we were stuck at a gas station with no mini market and I needed something quickly.

My 10 Must have Women Items!

  1. Tampons/Pads/Liners – you just never know!
  2. Hair Tie – lots of them.
  3. Mini Travel Size deodorant – you have no idea how many times I’ve saved my husband from becoming the stinky B.O. man
  4. Oil Absorbing Sheets – when I do wear make-up, I tend to get a little extra oily, I like to clean that up real quick.
  5. Bobby Pins – we can never have enough.
  6. Mascara for those touch ups
  7. Lip Moisturizers or Lip Gloss to keep your lips extra hydrated (chapped lips are gross)
  8. Powder Foundation to quickly touch up, leave the big make-up bag at home.
  9. Travel size hygiene bag
  10. GUM!!! Stinky breath is unattractive.

I’ll give you a bonus: Number 11 would be a travel size body spray or perfume to make sure you always smell extra “fancy” as Sonny says. Are there specific items you carry in your purse or travel bag?

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