Hiking + Photography Spot: Vasquez Rocks in Southern California

We often have days when we don’t want to drive to far, but definitely want the kids to run their energy out, and I want to effortlessly use my camera. Hiking through Vasquez Rocks has become our new family workout and photography hot spot. My boys get to play outside, jump over things, find lizards and enjoy the moment. 

HIking in southern california


Spring, it’s basically here and full of lovely weather! We are getting a kiss of what summer will be like. The boys get to start adventuring outdoors, I get more photographs that I can share with my friends and family. This past fall, I got my first DSLR camera, a new Canon T6 DSLR, I basically find any opportunity to take photos of the kids. I try not to ask them to smile, that’s just another way of telling them to pose. They smile best when they’re having fun without me distracting them!

kids hiking

Let them play, that’s when you’ll get the best photographs. Every now and then, I’ll ask them to sit down and strike a pose! But I try my very best to refrain from that simple request. Since I’m new to this photography gig, I have slowly been investing into my lens collection, some great props and more time with my family. A disc reflector would have been great to highlight their faces a bit more, I just added a set into my Amazon cart, uder $20! You can snag the same set for yourself too, check them out here!

daddy and son hiking

Most of us wore hats, to keep the sun out of our face. It was a lovely 88-80 degrees outside. I have a love/hate relationship with our Sunday routine (before school prepping), I feel like our days are cut too short because we settle the kids in for school. We still enjoyed soaking up the sun, a little too much. I got a sick farmers tan! 

photography spots in southern california

Vasquez Rocks

We seen so many photographers out with their point and shoot cameras, DSLR’s and even some big stabilizer equipment. Take some water, a camera bag if you’ll be alternating your lens, it makes it easier to hike and find a lovely spot to capture some of your favorite moments.

nice desert spot for photography

A few things about Vasquez Rocks as a visitor:

  • You can not fly drones, it’s a county park and they have horseback riders (might spook the horses)
  • Porter Potty restrooms are available, mommas with little ones, clean and wipe down your infants in your car or take a blanket
  • Pack a lunch, snacks, sunscreen and plenty of water, especially during the spring/summer
  • There are rangers at the station when you enter the park for assistance
  • Hiking is suitable for everyone, easy – moderate hiking grounds

Most of the hikes are just over 1 mile, it’s a great workout! My boys quickly fell asleep on the little drive home. There’s also an In-N-Out burger not too far! Vasquez Rocks is off the 14 fwy in a little town called Agua Dulce, it’s between the Santa Clarita and Palmdale suburbs.

working out while hiking

toddler friendly hiking spots

Coming from a photography enthusiast who is far from a professional photographer, I would say.,.just get out there and capture those memories! Don’t be shy to whip out that big ol’ lens or become the next mama-razzi! You can find more history behind Vasquez Rocks here, and plan your next hike and photoshoot.


kids photography


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