Cool Wedding Gifts for a Young Couple, that don’t suck!

We all have that one aunt who doesn’t know what in the world to gift for any occasion. Let alone a bridal gift! Of course everyone appreciates the kind gesture of a gift, but let’s face it – some of the newer generation – they aren’t leaving the nest until nearly 30 years old. The monogram gifts are OLD SCHOOL! Plus, more millennials are becoming minimalist so they can pick up and explore. Here are some badass ideas for your next bridal shower or wedding.

horseback riding1. Horseback Riding Gift Certificate 
Umm..what millennial doesn’t like to take cute outdoorsy photos with their significant other and share them on social media?!?! We all like living in the moment (#micromoments), they can plan a cute lunch and go trail riding. My good friends at Copper Horse Riding Ranch have horseback lesson for kids, teens and adults. They even host parties at their cute ranch, which is actually a great spot to host a western theme bridal shower! Giddy Up on over there, they offer gift certificates!

2. Whale Watching 
Are you starting to notice a little pattern? Experiences are much more appreciated. We went on a lovely whale watching trip with Island Packers and got to hike through Scorpion Ranch, you can check out my full post here. This is a little more on the nautical aspect, perfect for couples who are planning a cute beach wedding, great to go along with their theme.

santa barbara helicopter tour

3. Helicopter Tours
A highschool friend of mine took his fiance on a beautiful Helicopter tour over the Channel Islands, definitely a bucket list adventure for me! They booked with Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours. #WanderLust

4. Donate to the couples HoneyFund
I love this idea, basically in lieu of a gift, you can simple donate to their honeymoon trip and help them on a lovely extended celebration. These can be helpful with some tours, snorkeling, dinner, hotel, all other post wedding celebration expenses. It’s similar to a go-fund me account. You can always recommend a HoneyFund if your friend is getting hitched, they’ll thank you for it!

5. BevMo Gift Card! 
Cheesy but you just never know when they’ll want to relax and enjoy some fancy little wine with a nice steak dinner.

Harman Kardon Onyx speaker

6. Wireless Speakers 
Everyone loves to listen to music, I own this cool Harman Kardon Onyx Speaker and everyone that has come over to our house, always compliments the sound quality and how loud the little stylish speaker is. They have it on Amazon for under $100. Best part, if you buy two – they can pair together and get twice as loud when you play your favorite Pandora playlist. They’re wireless and bluetooth compatible so you can take them outside and enjoy your music while you start up the BBQ grill.


7. Polaroid Camera
We all love pictures, but there’s something about a cute polaroid photo that captures a home-sweet-home feeling. They can be pinned on a work cubical space, used for decoration at home and so many other cool DIY projects. My polaroid is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 that I ordered on Amazon for under $60.

8. Amazon Gift Card
I promise this will be put to good use! Everyone loves Amazon! They have an endless selection and awesome delivery time for prime accounts. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have Amazon Prime.

9. Outdoor Grill and Fire Pit
Young, fun and in love! Couples like to do cute cuddly stuff, especially during the “honeymoon” stage. If they’re anything like Ernie and I were, young 19 and 20 year old’s who were learning as we go, cooking wasn’t our biggest trade. Dishes were a chore! Grilling became our best friend. Gave Ernie a sense of extra manly duties to help with prepping a yummy meal. If we didn’t want to clean up, we simply didn’t clean the grill. Dishes, pots and pans all need to be cleaned or they will stink up the house. Not cool. Grilling, is cool!

10. DSLR Camera or GoPro
Price, yes but they will be making sooo many lifetime memories and who doesn’t want to have some excellent quality images?! I loovee my GoPro for those outdoor family adventures, backpacking, hiking, resorts, anything! My DSLR is something I truly treasure, I have been getting many photos of my boys, dogs and family. I just can’t get enough of these valuable memory capturing gadgets.

Bridal Shower gifts



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