Poppa’s Recipe: Fajita Hotdogs with Spicy Sausage Links

If there’s one skill that I would have loved to been taught; my Dads cooking and grilling! He always makes the tastiest and most damn delicious meals. He placed his “Plancha” (iron griddle) over the stove and made the best Fajita Hotdogs.

plancha food

He threw some of the spicy sausage links and some peppered jack cheese links onto his cooking skillet. The whole house instantly smelled like the Mexican street hotdogs.

iron griddle

He even got some of the hotdog buns and hamburger buns to toast them on the griddle. This was such a great idea of his – to cook on the large griddle because he was making about 5 burgers and 10 sausages at once. Nowhere near what he could throw onto your average bbq grill.

boy and tricycle mom of boys

Zachary and Sonny love to visit their “Grandpa Father”, Sonny calls him this because my brother and I call our dad, Father. Zachary calls him Poppa, so cute! They love to play outside and enjoy the vintage toys that their grandpa finds at the flea market. He gifted my boys a cute red vintage firetruck.

homemade hamburger

The cheeseburgers were patted ground beef with his speciality seasoning. Which, I’m not sure what he used, but I had my burger with tomato slices, cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickles and it was yummy!

boys with grandpa


Fajita Hotdogs

Fajita Hotdog Recipe:

  • Sliced and Salted Red, Green, Yellow Bell Peppers & Onion
  • Slightly fried and cooked on a griddle or skillet
  • Spicy Sausage Link slightly fried
  • Toast the hotdog bun on the same griddle
  • Serve hot and ready to eat!

sausage fajitas

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