Great Hobby for Young Moms: Photography

I love my job, truly do. I get to educate people about technology, new phone advancements and the latest and greatest reasons why customers need the new phone. However, I’ve been wanting to pursue my own personal accomplishments. My passion for marketing, social media and having my creative outlet. It’s a hobby that I’ve grown to appreciate, my camera, my photography, a new skill. 

wannabe photographer

HA!! Well this is exactly how I feel when my family members and friends ask me to do their photography sessions. I am soo extremely flattered that they love my work enough to pay me for their photoshoots. BUT Seriously?!?! How cool is that?! I get to be creative, pretend like I know what the f*ck I’m doing and just take photos.


My original purpose for my camera purchase: provide high quality images for my blog. I actually didn’t want to make such a large purchase, it was nearly $1,000 and as a mom, who’s always “on a budget” lol – I couldn’t see myself spending that much on a camera.

Thanks to my #SaltBae who believes in my blog, my ambition and drive to create my digital nomad business, he encouraged me to sprinkle that cash for my camera kit. We were at Target (click here to see the cameras), looking at all of the DSLR camera varieties, of course I had previously done lots of research online (blogs, youtube videos, reviews, etc.) and wanted to see what sales price match I could find at my favorite store.

As usual, I bravely placed the $800+ camera kit into my cart and as we walked through the aisle, getting closer to the cash registers, I kept telling myself that I could use that money towards the endless bills, a family vacation, every excuse not to splurge on myself. Mind that I had just received a nice little bonus from working so hard to accomplish my goals at work. Therefore, this was extra spending cash.

We walked out, without the camera.

Salt Bae

I instantly felt regret, already telling myself that I should have just said; F*ck It! Then, this man jumped out of the car and boldly went back into the store to buy the camera.

The rest is history.

cute little girl

He has believed in my creative work since day one, and now – I see that others are appreciating my artistic hidden hobby and new talent. Everyone has their own eye for art. My enjoyment for this new hobby comes from my boys, they are soo wild, crazy and just fun! They are the drive for my new micro moments. Living on the edge and not having a care in the world.

dog running

My days feel much more fulfilled when I have a camera in hand. The days when I get to take a few beautiful pictures of my family or pets.


Therefore, since I’m still learning and I have soooo many friends who are asking about my camera, how much it cost, where I purchased, and what I do to capture the images. I wanted to start a little section in my blog; Coffee and Pics w/ Alyssa Trevizo.


I’m super excited to say that my photography is starting to bring me some new business opportunities. My family and friends want to book photography sessions, I have new wedding photography opportunities in the far future and some exciting maternity and newborn picture shoots.

We all have a different style, a different “eye” and vision for beauty. Just pick up your camera, have fun and go for it!

girl jumping

My #godson Aydenn and his #dog Jack  #photography #socal #sunshine

This post contains affiliate links; which means I receive commission if you purchase through my links. You can trust that I will guide you to great deals and cool products that you may like as much as I do.

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