Free Workout Apps, Ditch the Gym Membership!

Sometimes I don’t get to the gym, most of the time it’s inconvenient to drive there, and life just happens. I kept feeling like I was wasting my money by keeping my membership, so I found an alternative. PLUS, I don’t have that mommy guilt, feeling because I’m leaving my babies to get a workout session.


A co-worker of mine introduced me to the Workout Trainer App, best thing I’ve ever used! Let me just say, I easily get bored on the treadmill. I tried the free downloadable app, the fitness videos were awesome. There are various levels and session lengths to choose from.

If I only have 15 minutes to flex in some yoga, or an arms workout, it’s fully customizable to the time period that I have. The videos are anywhere from 10 minutes – 45 minutes.

Workout Trainer

There’s even some awesome bootcamps, yoga for beginners, tons of other great workouts. Bulking, Cardio, HIIT, you name it! It’s on the Workout Trainer App!

I use the app in my living room, outside while my kids play, and virtually anywhere. It is so convenient for my lifestyle. Having two boys that are so young, I have very little time to hit the gym. In between work, making dinner, helping Sonny with homework, and our busy night routine, it’s tough and exhausting. My bank account doesn’t like the extra $30+ monthly charge, and I dread the feeling of not putting my gym membership to use. Especially after they deduction that cash from my account!

Workout AppsCapture+_2017-04-24-19-22-23

The other cool app that motivates me, LG Health. Since I work in the marketing field, you’ll find me walking a lot, and visiting different cellular stores to train the sales reps. My personal goal is to reach the 12k steps in a day, as you can see – I was nearly half way there by 1pm.

Setting Goals is the key!

early morning run

You can find me waking up early on a Saturday, going out for a run. Most people like to sleep in, but we have to make little changes to see the results we want.

Besides, Saturday mornings are meant for productivity and fun! I’ll wake up at 7am to go on a 4-5 mile run or light jog with my friend. We like to catch up on our daily highs and lows. And if life is just too busy, I’ll makes plans to take my boys our for a hike, and invite some of his cousins or family friends.

hiking vasquez rocks

So basically what I’m saying is, if you’re a busy person, who is honestly not putting your gym membership to use. Just drop the membership and download a free workout app. The cool thing about your workout apps – you can eventually upgrade for a small monthly subscription, or simply keep the free version. I pay under $7 monthly to have full access to all of the PRO+ videos on Workout Trainer. Plus, I’m a young millennial mom, I’m always on a budget.

Yummy Post Workout Snack – Homemade Berry Parfait! 
Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt (preferably greek yogurt)



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