Victoria’s Secret: 2/$25 Bralettes & Sports Bras + Free Tote!

Ohh-M-G!!!! Summer is basically here, at least in Southern California. I’m overly insecure with my body, but lately…I’ve been trying to embrace my body sculpture. Some of my most comfortable bra’s and comfy outfits have been from Victoria’s Secrets. I had to share this deal; 2/$25 Bralette.

Bralette Victoria Sercret

So please, RUN! Go grab some cute bralette’s for your summer adventures. These are a killer deal, they typically go for $30+ each. It’s literally – limited time for this sale. Plus, it’s also including some cute sports bras. Check out the Mix & Match Sale HERE.

victoria secret deal free tote

Pack the babies (if you’ve got some) with their snacks and speed walk through your local mall. Haha! No seriously, even bring a few lollipops. These are my lifesavers. I can’t go anywhere without our pops. Our favorite organic lollipops don’t make me feel like such a sweet-tart when I give sweets to my kids. You can grab a pack on Amazon, we love EarthYum Organic sweets. Give them a try, I promise, you’ll love them!

So if you decide to make it a mini bralette shopping spree, be sure to grab a Free Tote with any $75+ purchase either in stores or online with code: 75TOTE

Here’s a quick Peak-A-Boo; How to Wear a Bralette 

I personally have always loved my Victoria’s Secret bras, they have the most support for my 34D size. Most of the time I’ll try and find a cute inexpensive bra at Target or my local small department stores, but they never have my size. And I’ll only get annoyed after spending at least 15-30 mins digging through the racks of various sizes. VS, always has my size! Love that store!  I only like to shop there when I can snag a great bargain, so catch you later because I’m going to grab some bralettes.



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