Cute Floral Baby Shower on a Budget! Millennial Mom

My Brother is having a baby girl! My sister in law’s expected  due date is June 13, so we literally are one month away (estimate) from a little new bundle of cuteness. I was lucky enough to have a little extra cash to host their baby shower a few weeks ago. These are some simple tips to help you keep a budget friendly baby shower looking like you spent more than you actually did. 🌸💜

Baby Shower on a Budget

Floral Baby Shower

I basically went for a classy, simple and girly theme. The items I found were affordable and such a big hit at their party.

Floral Baby Shower

Tip #1  Hit the Dollar Spot at Target!

I found some of the cutest decorations, place card holders which I used for little notes for our guest. Reminder cards to have them fill out “advice and prediction cards”, which I found at Target for $3. The flower vase pictured below was purchased at Dollar Tree. I got 7 of them! As well as the little artificial succulent – $1 from Dollar Tree. The Oh Baby napkins were a huge help for this cute floral theme, they were also from my local Target. You guessed right, dollar spot! I bought 5 little packs to display evenly on the dessert table and where my guest were seated. These are some other items I picked up at my local Target Dollar Spot + Dollar Tree:

  • Napkins – the thick nice ones too!
  • Pink/Coral colored Plates for food & small dessert plates
  • Clear Chip Baskets & Salsa dish
  • Mini Artificial Succulent Decor
  • Mini Vase – they actually had larger ones but I loved the small 8-12 oz size to make small bouquet center pieces

Baby Shower  Games – Target $1 Spot had some for $3 each game!! I bought [3] different games: Baby Bingo, Guess What’s In Her Purse, SHH Don’t Say Baby that came with clothes pins to steal from your components 

Spiral Fan Decorations $3 for a pack of 3 mini fans – these displayed so nicely over the chimney

Cake Stands $5 – Target $1 Spot

cute baby shower Oh Baby

Tip #2  Borrow Items &  Accept the Help

I seriously saved at least $30 by borrowing these beautiful linen table cloths and a burlap table runner for 7-10 tables. My aunt had asked me if I needed any help financially or for her to bring some items, so I accepted the help! Borrowing her pink and white table linens and burlap runners saved me some cash. My step-mom also made some fresh homemade cookies – 5 dozen for our dessert table.

My mom and dad both helped with the lunch, we ordered some delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a yummy tri-tip salad with garlic rolls all under $200! This was an affordable catering option as we didn’t know how many guest we were truly expecting.

dessert table

Tip #3 Make your own DIY – but be financially smart about it!

Those cute DIY Pinterest ideas are adorable, but save your time and money. There are so many times when I’ve thought of whipping out the cricket machine for decorations, cards, and wanted to make other stuff. BUT the DIY supply expense was just way over budget, making it $50+ to make something that I could purchase under $5. LOL

Baby Shower Game

Pinterest DIY meme

In my case, the floral decorations – real flowers ($6 each bundle) and mini vases ($1) turned out much cheaper for me. I purchased 6 fresh flower bundles at Ralph’s ($40 total) and 7 of the mini vases from the dollar store ($7) making my 7 fresh Flower center pieces all under $50. Serious steal!

dessert table baby shower

Also, I would highly recommend that you apply this savings tips towards your candy and dessert table goodies. If I would have made the rice Krispie treats, brownies, and chocolate cover pretzels, my budget would have been outrageous. I picked up the pre-made dessert packs from my local Walmart and Target. Then, just displayed them on some cute platters.

party desserts

The little extra bundle of small roses I had leftover, I placed those around the dessert table as decorations.

Baby Shower

Tip #4  Use Apps and Coupons to Save on Expenses

While Shopping at my local Michael’s for some nice decorative dessert platters, I scored some great deals! Michael’s had all of their plastic platters on sale for 40% off and I got a beautiful mirror for 50% off. I also saved some cash on the drinks, by downloading the Target Cartwheel App, I saved on the 12 pk of drinks and was able to apply some coupons towards my purchase. I would personally hit up the local goodwill as well! A few weeks back I scored a deal on some serving dishes, which I was able to use at my bro’s baby shower.

floral party center piece

We used my cousins local community club house that requited a minimal deposit, which was returned after we cleaned the location up. Our ultimate idea was to host it at a local park, but the weather was horribly cold and rainy. Another tip to accept the help that others are offering. 🌸💜

Oh Baby target

These cute wooden letters were also part of the Michael’s 40% off promotion, scoring this custom decor for under $10. As a mom, a family of 4 and a saving bee 🐝, I try to stretch my buck. Besides, I’m on a millennial budget.

floral baby shower

Tip #5  Have Fun & Don’t Stress Out

Most families get overly stressed out when planning events, the best way to get  through the day is to keep a positive attitude. If you’re stressed out, you’ll be rushed and not pay attention to the little helpful ideas you have.

A long stressful 2wks to plan my brothers #BabyShower. It was beautiful #HelloAmari #Floral #lifestyleblogger #momofboys #momblogger #targetstyle #NewMom
A long stressful 2wks to plan my brothers #BabyShower. It was beautiful #HelloAmari #Floral #lifestyleblogger #momofboys #momblogger #targetstyle #NewMom

2 thoughts on “Cute Floral Baby Shower on a Budget! Millennial Mom

  1. A very nice piece of information. I liked the games you have mentioned.And all the other tips are also really helpful as I was wondering how will I manage baby shower of my sister’s daughter but your tips will help me.Keep posting such helpful articles.


    1. Thank you! I hope you come back to check out more resourceful tips. Have a great day! 🙂 Best of luck for the baby shower and let me know if you were able to score some great deals.


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