Senior Photography Poses & Tips – Ideas for Mom!

Graduations are starting to trickle in! If you’re a photo junkie like me, you’ll love these cute Senior photo ideas. I love that these are so simple and casual that you can pick up your DLSR and start clickin’ away. Check out my 7 Tips to help your pictures look adorable. 

Tip #1   Natural Light is your Best Friend

Depending on your region, try and work your photography session around sunset. Natural light works magically, there’s something so warming and soft about that golden hour. Avoid taking photos with your Senior Grad facing the sun, those squinty eyes are not cute. Let them chill in the shade.

Tip #2 Bring Props 

For a senior photoshoot, you definitely want to have the cap and gown. You won’t believe how much I paid for that HUGE 2017 sign!

I scored that poster for $1.99 at Party City!!! I also picked up some confetti for that beautiful celebration shot.

Bri’s mom bought the cute 2017 Grad Banner and her Wooden Blocks to spell out her name. These helped give more style to the photography shoot.

Tip #3  Get Creative! 

I found some cute photo ideas on Pinterest. You can actually follow me, HERE! You can check out my Photography Board and familiarize yourself with some ideas that I’m going to try out. Don’t be hesitant to bounce ideas off your friends, sometimes another point of view can help easy the person who’s getting photographed.

Tip #4  Take Casual Photos, Non-Graduation Style

This pictures can also be used as some cute family portraits, these can also be used for some graduation party invitations or some nice room decor for their new dorm rooms! Something for the new College student to display, without that High School cap and gown.


Tip #5  Find Public Locations & Create your own Light!

These make for the best photos, and they get that beautiful natural light. You can buy this compact Photography Reflector for $8.99. Ideally, you can use this if there isn’t too much natural light for your photos to look warm and bright, like under a beautiful tree. I will soon be creating a quick YouTube video to show case how to use it. Of course there are higher quality reflectors but this can be used for any person that is a new photography enthusiast, (ahh-hmm) Like Me!

Tip #6 Have at Least 2 Outfits

The cool thing about taking your photos at home, you can do a quick outfit change. I’d recommend at least 3 minimal outfits and give yourself at least 1 hour for these different outfits, changing and overall time period for the photography session.

Tip #7  Don’t Bring Younger Siblings but Do Bring Help 

If you decide to get those inexpensive photography reflectors from Amazon, you will need help holding them and directing the sunlight. If you have a friend who can help, bring them along! I don’t recommend taking any younger siblings under 10 yrs old, just because it’ll cut your photo session short. And if you do take them, bring that friend and treat them with Starbucks to give them energy to help run with the kids. It’s also helpful when you have an extra set of hands to help you carry those props if you’re at a park taking your photos.

I’m just a young mom who loves to snap pictures for my blog and Instagram, I’m not a professional photographer but these are some of the tips that I can personally recommend to any other Mamma-Razzi friends out there!




This post contains affiliate links; which means I receive commission if you purchase through my links. You can trust that I will guide you to great deals and cool products that you may like as much as I do.

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