How Coconut Oil helps my Skin and Hair + Personal Development

My face has never be so soft and youthful! It’s very rare that I wear a full face of make-up, but I will moisturize daily. Religiously! I’d love to hear your tips for keeping your skin youthful and maybe some great products you personally always repurchase. THESE are my must have items for my skin and hair. Tip #1  Less Heat 

Whoaaa!! This is only 5 months difference and my hair has grown significantly. I try and avoid any heat tools and simply braid my hair after it’s naturally air dried. The great part of this, I don’t have to blow that boiling heat from a blow dryer near my face, I can actually keep fresh as it dries.

Tip #2  Coconut Oil for Healthy Hair

I scoop a little bundle of coconut oil onto my palm, rub my hands together and run my hands through my hair. There’s no specific way that I apply it, but I try to evenly filter the oil into my hair. It helps control and remove my dandruff, it’ gets pretty bad! This has been a life saver!

Tip #3  Moisturize your Face

This little jar of goodness is under $13 and has been the best facial moisturizer I’ve ever purchased. It instantly hydrates my skin and has reduced the scars from trying to squeeze/pinch my little zits. Gross, very much! But this stuff works!!!! Wear sunblock, I personally love the Josie Maran Sunscreen Moisturizer with Tint. It’s amazing! These two products are the only items I’ll apply to my face for an everyday outing. Anti-Aging at it’s finest!

Tip #4 Be Happy & Yourself

Wrinkles and stress don’t help your skin and hair, if you’re overly stressed out, that hair will fall out! Sometimes working on yourself, personal development, mini goals can help relieve your stress levels. This in the long run will help get rid of those random stress acne pimples and certainly will slow down or stop the loss of hair. One of my goals was to start a mini journal and attempt to write new goals or thoughts at least once a week. So far, I’ve been able to keep on track and stick to that little moment of  ME  time.


Tip #5  Pay Attention to your Body

Keep a document of your hair, skin, weight, whatever you want to help track your progress. I took these before and after photos to see how long it takes my hair to grow. The results I’ll notice on my skin and of course, the little improvements that I’ve made within my lifestyle changes.

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