How I save money on Name Brand Products and Going Out

$90 worth of Victoria Secret Bralettes + $99.50 Macy’s International Concepts dressy romper, and I paid under $35. Let me share my tips and tricks! Learn how I save money on name brand products and going out with my husband and little boys. On a #MillennialBudget 😉

#1 Shop when items are on Sale

It’s discipline! I get so excited when I score that killer deal. My recent bargain hunt was the $5 Bralette’s that I shared last week. Many times I do find those cute blouse tops, nice jeans, or I want to splurge on a lovely new perfume. And I simply, hold off until I budget myself.

And I’ll admit, I have the worst guilt if I feel like I’ve spent too much money on myself and not a single dime on my boys or husband. There’s so many awesome stores that have great clearance racks at your local mall, department stores and you can look stunning.



The romper from Macy’s is something that I was super excited about, I don’t typically buy these style pieces but I’m desperately trying to get out of my comfort zone. #DarlingTomboy I basically live in jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap. Finding my inner Darling can be slightly difficult, time isn’t always on my side. And some may find that as a lame excuse, but with a house full of testosterone, I like to do a quick braid and go.

#2 We have Dates without the Boys

I absolutely love the new little pocket of goodness that’s just a few blocks from my house. Ernie and I were so lucky to have a few hours to hang out and run some errands while the boys were with their grandma, soaking up the sun at Hurricane Harbor. We ate a tasty homemade meal from La Vegan Charrita, a little nook in Southern California.

Ernie had the shrimp cocktail, I had a plate of sopes and we both shared some cheesy nachos. The horchata was refreshing, didn’t have that sugar syrup taste like most found drink agua frescas. You can tell the food is all freshly made, plus it’s all organic! Anyhow, if we go out to a restaurant with the boys, it’s basically throwing money away. They are extra picky eaters, annoying at the table, get crabby, and we scarf down our food to get out as quickly as possible.

#3 Simple Birthday Celebrations

We’ve had our early share of $1,500 birthday parties. For some, even that’s not too pricey. Mexican families invite E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, your Tias, Cousins, Friends, Neighbors, Old Church Ladies, the whole enchilada & mi-cheladas! Literally, the drunky little uncles too. That gets pricey! Instead of dishing out hard cash towards feeding our large family and cute decorations that my nephews and cousins will thrash, we just enjoy a small celebration and go to a theme park or family outing.

#4 Check Groupon, Living Social, and GoldStar for your Next Adventure

This is my favorite way to find great family outings on a budget. I’m adventurous and love to take my boys to new places, do new things and enjoy ourselves. Plus, it gives me some cool content to share with you guys! I’m currently checking out some tickets for a Crawfish Festival, Medieval Times, and even Knott’s Berry Farm. The entry rates and tickets are much cheaper through these discount deal websites.

#5 Subscribe to your Favorite Services
If you want an easy healthy meal, subscribe to a meal delivery box – check out my full post here! We gave it a shot and loved it! The food is yummy and fresh.

We are obsessed with Amazon Prime, it’s a membership that we will always have. Free video streaming, music streaming and 2-day delivery on most items and random gifts we like to buy. Select what fits your needs and save your time, subscribe to that service.

#6  Buy Name Brand items at Marshall’s and T.J.Maxx 
I love to find some great products at some cool little stores like Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx! These are like pots of gold, you never know what you’ll find but it’s always good. I often by my body sprays, perfumes, shoes and of and handbags.

#7 Ditch the Gym Membership & Starbucks!

My body needs caffeine, but my wallet won’t pay $5+ on a high calorie drink. Instead, I’ll save those few extra bucks and brew my own coffee in the morning. Add my own toppings and switch up the flavors as I please. Occasionally, I’ll drop by for a cool-lime refresher, but I actually made my own Copy Cat Recipe, check it out here! My gym membership was the best ditched expense I’ve had!

I would never go to the gym, without feeling guilty for spending time on my body and leaving the boys at home with their grandma or daddy. I think it’s a mom thing, lots of my friends feel the same way. The coolest app, so far…has been Workout Trainer, I downloaded this and pay the $6.99 subscription to get a custom bootcamp schedule, my own at home workouts. They vary from yoga, pilates, HIIT, cardio, strength training and everything else. It’s amazing!!!

These are just 7 of my personal tips that help me saving on my little shopping ventures with name brand items and more outings with my family. I cut back on other things to enjoy the little bit of life’s extras!

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