2 year old Birthday Photography Ideas for Little Girls

Hip Hip Hooray!!! There’s somethings that are meant to be captured on cameras! Birthdays, balloons and yummy cake! I was so flattered when I got to capture a quick photoshoot session for little miss Gladys. Let me share some of the photos with you. Maybe you’d like to snag some of these photo ideas. 

She had the cutest birthday tutu and a bundle of little pink and gold balloons. We wanted to do the photoshoot in less than 1 hour. Giving us enough time to find a nice area and hopefully capture a smile or two.

Our local YMCA has a beautiful little park nearby and lots of shade, this was the place to go! Behind the park is a cute little bridge which was my absolute favorite for it’s scenery.

Gladys was playful when her daddy arrived, I tried my hardest to get a natural smile. No Luck! Haha! These are the little hurdles you’ll have to try and leap over when you take photos of wanderlust toddlers. They love to look around and explore.

Her momma bought this adorable Canopy ($12.99 on Amazon) that we used during the photo session. It was a breezy day so it naturally blew elegantly in the wind.

I absolutely love this picture, it just shows LOVE. My favorite type of photos are also the “kodak” moments, when your client isn’t even aware of the pictures you are taking.

LOL The not so smiling Gladys. Momma wasn’t nearby and she just looked lost. Next time, maybe I’ll bring a lollipop and smash cupcake. That might make her happy! Toddlers are a little tough to set up with poses. Let them have fun, take the pictures when they aren’t aware of the camera, and just let them be kids.

These are some of the photos that we took within 30 minuets due to the sunset, set up of the lovely canopy and trying to sneak a smile out of our little toddler model.

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