Weekend Braap-Up! Breakfast and Birthday Fun with Kids

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve randomly come up with a great idea! I’ll share my weekend wrap-ups to help me get through the hump day. PLUS, it can give you an idea of what to possibly do on your upcoming Friday night. Come take a peak at last weekends fun! 

My favorite weekends are filled with motorcycles, adventure, and killer good food! These posts will be short but sweet, so let’s get started on my weekend fun!

Friday night
I promised Sonny and Zachary we’d hit up our local Chuck E.  Cheese. I’m a #MillennialBudget Momma, so I always make sure to scroll through the Chuck E Cheese website to score some of their online promotional coupons. If we’ve got some of the upgraded cups at home, I’ll take them for the boys. My order is usually the family size buffalo wings, one or two large pizza’s and our drinks with 100 tokens. Those token points fly off the card faster than I gobble the buffalo wings!

Birthday party fun, we spent the day with our little family members. Celebrating a birthday, eating cake, breaking pinatas and enjoying too much candy. Sonny decided to get a cool Donald Duck face painting and Zachary went with Pluto, some cute Disney characters.

Check out my this post for some birthday gift ideas. You might find a gift idea for your next kiddo birthday event.

My husbands in a Motorcycle Club (MC), they’re basically family. We got together for some breakfast, kicked stands down at the Heavenly Pancake Restaurant in San Fernando. A little hot spot in Southern California, the food is always yummy. I ordered the Turkey Link Omelette that came with hash browns. Looveed it! If you drop by, check out their daily special. Everything is fulfilling and you won’t be disappointed.

I picked up this cute L.A. Color nail polish (paint shade: Meadow) at my local Dollar Tree. I instantly fell in love with the color.

The summer has me sweating like a little piggie. I needed to give the clinical deodorants a try. My first attempt to sweat less (for my underarms) is going to be with Suave! I’ll share a full review of this soon.

Luckily, we have friends who always openly invite us to their beautiful home on the hills. Where we can enjoy a nice swim in their pool and kick back while the sun sets. It’s always a lovely sight. Have fun planning your weekend, and be safe my friends.

Peace & Love! 

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