Weekend Wrap-Up: Family Reunion!

My past few weeks have been pretty overwhelmed with life. These are the days when I wish I had more time to blog, but I actually enjoy a little break away from my laptop. My weekend was filled with no wifi, no reception, no cell phone, and yet we still had a blast. Check out my family re-union!

Ready. Set. GO!

I loved that everyone had no cellular service in a little mountain town near our suburbs hometown. With no social media access, everyone was able to mingle and get back into the 90’s days. Socializing without a digital smart device. The kids enjoyed some fun games like the Egg & Spoon Race, Potato Sack Race, and we played with sticks, rolled in the grass and laughed.


My cousins enjoyed relaxing in the shade, along with some of my older aunts and uncles. We had water balloon fights, which turned to bucket of water fights. Aydenn, my godson was helping his little sister balance her egg on the spoon. Which by the way, melted my heart!

My Tia, she was one of the oldest family members there and she sat so peacefully. Her health is doing too well, but she sat there so gracefully looking at all of the kids laugh and play. As if she was thinking or day-dreaming of her past times.

We all ventured into our own little happiness this day. My boys played in the dirt and threw sticks. I caught them howling like coyotes because they saw a small coyote in the distance. They were SoOoOo filthy by the end of the day. Full of dirt, crud, and too much soda.

Our family likes to grill carne asada, so you’ll most likely find my Tio Sam cooking away. He doesn’t seem to mind handling the grill at all of our family events. I grabbed a quick snippet of my little cousin Anthony, learning the ropes of the master griller.

These boys make me want to buy an RV and travel more. It’s definitely something on my visual board, to buy the home on wheels. At times, my husband thinks I’m crazy to think of just grabbing minimal items – and head for the road. #GypsieSoul

This all took place on a hot summer day, it was a lovely way to keep us busy and socializing on a Saturday. Our Sunday consisted of hanging out with friends for brunch at the MC Clubhouse. Good Food, Good Company, Good Times!

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