Knott’s Berry Farm on a Millennial Budget!

Swooosh! I love to hear the thrill of a great weekend at a theme park in Southern California. Knott’s Berry Farm is a little hidden treasure in Los Angeles! Let me share how I fed our party of 5 under $35. PLUS, I still had space in my tummy for a funnel cake! 

Adventure sponsored by Knott’s Berry Farm,             the post may contain affiliate links.

Tip #1 Plan Ahead

We love to adventure! Anytime we can sneak some warm sunshine and thrills, count us in! Our weekends are filled with friends, beach days, shopping our local shops, movie nights, playing at the park, and roaming through the lake.

Surprisingly, our family had never been to Knott’s Berry Farm, so we planned to celebrate Sonny’s 6th Birthday with western thrills!

Tip #2  Order Tickets Online
I love that you could arrive at 4pm and score a great deal at the entrance gates; $45 per ticket if you arrive after 4pm. This is ideal for older children, teenagers and adults.

Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets:
All Day Parking $18
One Day Tickets Online are as low as $45
At the Gate they are $75
Check out the full price list here! 

Tip #3 Buy a Souvenir Cups – FREE refills all day!

Our first stop, souvenir cups! We were a large group. Nearly 11 of us in total! We picked up some of these bright yellow reusable theme park cups. Our friends brought water bottles, sports drinks, which cut down on their costs. It was truly a big money saver! Keep that in your back pocket. 

Regular priced Large drinks were $5 each. 😲 I quickly sent my husband over to the refill bar, and he purchased the 3/$30 reusable souvenir cup deal. We scored free refills ALL DAY, typically like any other theme park and we sure did utilize the free drinks.

Parking and 3 Souvenir Drinks
Total Spent (so far): $48

Tip #4 Bring your own Insulated Reusable Bottles 
Of course if you’ve got a large family, you may want to pack some water bottles, or sports drinks, the theme park is pretty friendly when you bring your own drinks. I seen lots of families refilling their insulated water bottles with cold refreshing water, free of charge at any refill spot or restaurant. I personally use a double insulated steel water bottle, similar to these on Amazon. It was a hot day, so the 90 degree weather had us refueling our thirst every hour.

Tip #5 Go to the Kids Rides first, they close early
They have a cool adventure camp theme and it’s full of kids rides. With a total of 12 children’s rides, we quickly made ourselves comfortable. No Lines. 🙌🙌🙌 Let’s glorify this moment, especially when you have little toddlers, this can make it or break it (the fun).

Tip #6 Use the Theme Park Map
Prior to your visit, you can see the full list of the kids ride details here. Our kids age range was from 2 yrs old – 10 years old and they all loved the fun rides. Zachary, my little dude was thrilled to get on the Rocky Mountain Trucking Company ride and Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer. It’s fun and parents can enjoy the rides too! Plus, they don’t have lots of random toy vendors, which means less melt downs over a souvenir toy.

Tip #7 Watch the Shows to Relax

I loved that the Ghost Town Alive has been part of the entire summer and is still showing the western action until September 4th. This is the perfect time to relax in the A/C and enjoy entertainment. If you have younger kids, it’s a great way to freshen them up, feed them or let them take a nap. Here’s a sneak peak of it…


We had such a great time watching the western live action, it’s truly something everyone should experience. Especially if you have some little cowboy and cowgirls in the family. They’d love the shows!



Tip #8 Order the Family Deals

All of this play time on the rides, walking through the park to catch the next show, and enjoying the summer built up an appetite. My boys can be a little picky, and pizza is basically everyones favorite.

We purchased a large pizza for $35 and it fed [2] adults and [3] kids with at least 4 pieces left. It was yummy, cheesy and the boys gobbled it down. It would have been pricey to order individual slices at $8 each, therefore we saved!

Parking, Pizza, 3 Souvenir Drinks
Total Spent so far: $83

Tip #9 Budget yourself, don’t overspend on Souvenirs
With sooo many cool rides and shows, we didn’t need to spend on any souvenirs. The kids were having so much fun that when we would actually pass a souvenir shop, they would run straight passed it. We did stop inside one or two shops and they sold various plush bears, toys, and of course shirts and mugs.

We just celebrated Sonny’s birthday and quickly reminded him that he still had unopened toys so we didn’t need to add more the the collection. With the holidays around the corner, we honestly just need to declutter.

One thing we did enjoy, a yummy funnel cake! The boys grabbed a big cotton candy bag and my husband and I shared this cake goodness!

Parking, 3 Souvenir Drinks, Pizza &
Funnel Cake was $10
Cotton Candy [2] $5 each
Total for the day: $103

Tip #10 Take your own Stroller
When you have little toddlers it’s tough to walk through the park with those rental strollers. They don’t recline, you spend extra on items you already own. Just pack up your smallest stroller, and roll with it.


Enjoy Yourselves! 
I would definitely recommend visiting this place! I loved that it wasn’t as crowded as other theme parks in the area. Most importantly, the kids of all ages seemed to be having a blast. I hope this gives you a brief idea of what the expect when you visit Knott’s Berry Farm.

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