Disney Advent Calendar for Boy and Girl (Unisex)

I love the winter breeze and decorating for the holidays, it brings the 25 Days ’til Christmas into an exciting count down. There’s one thing I wish I could master, the art of DIY. However, since I’m not the best at artsy fartsy DIY stuff, I’ll share some of the hip and cool advent calendars for boys and girls (unisex). 

Sonny and Zachary get stoked about the holidays, and so do I!!! We love the bright lights, spending more time with cousins, family and friends. One thing I  have learned recently from Baby Boy Bakery,  a panel speaker at a recent summit I attended –  enjoy your kids, make memories and make traditions (big or little).

Live Loud, Live Wild. 

So here we have it – a new tradition that I’ve added into our lifestyle. The 25 days until Christmas advent calendar infamous tradition. We will open a surprise gift from the calendar until the holiday count down is over. This is awesome because my boys love mystery gifts (Thanks, YouTube Kids! 😜) and always ask me when they can open a present when they see many of our relatives trees decorated with tons of Christmas gifts..

We bought the Disney Tsum Tsum so Sonny (my 6 yr old) could give a cool little review on the christmas advent calendar quality, so far it’s awesome! He loved the different size varieties for the little Disney critters. They had various Disney characters, you can actually find it on Amazon.com for a reasonable price. PLUS, with so many boys and girls who love Disney and Star Wars, I had to add those into the list! Check them out….

TOP 5 Non-Gender Specific Advent Calendars! 

1. Disney Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar

2. Star Wars Advent Calendar

3. Vtech Go! Go! Advent Calendar Smart Animals

4. Crayola Activity Advent Calendar

5. Christmas Tree 5 ft. Felt Advent Calendar

Click Here to Print – Christmas Wish List

This post contains affiliate links; which means I receive commission if you purchase through my links. You can trust that I will guide you to great deals and cool products that you may like as much as I do.

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