5 Cute Holiday and Birthday Gifts that aren’t Toys!

Everyone knows, the best time to be a kid is during the holidays 🎄(and your birthday🎉)! Let’s face it, us #Millennials love to buy cute outfits for our kids. Most of the time, my struggle is finding a toy that my nieces and nephews don’t already own. The next best gift, cool outfits to add to their collection!

This post contains affiliate links; which means I receive commission if you purchase through my links. You can trust that I will guide you to great deals and cool products that you may like as much as I do.

1. Sequin Rock Star !
I spotted this adorable Sequin Pullover sweater that is perfect to glam up your little girl. Our family is mostly filled with boys. Lucky little sister of mine, she gets all of the cute girly outfits that rock! Anything glittery, sequin, unicorn styled is a big one for girls, tweens and teens! Heck, even some adults are rocking the magical unicorn outfits. We don’t get too many cold days in Southern California, which makes this pullover perfect to bundle up and head out.

2. Glitter High Tops ! 
In all honesty, these are my favorite! They are cozy, perfect to keep their toes warm and toasty. The cool thing about glitter is it’s mimicking reflection to the colors surrounding it. It goes with everything! Classy & Sassy 😍

3. Unicorn
Everyone I know wants to be a unicorn, my sister in law loves to buy my niece anything and everything with this magical little creature. You won’t go wrong with adding some Unicorns to your holiday collection or birthday gifts

4. Star Wars – Boys Rule !

#BoyMom here! My kids are obsessed with anything Star Wars, they love the cool holiday collection that Gymboree has created to support their Darth Vader hype. These are sweet collection pieces that they will love and want to wear. Sonny picked his favorite Star Wars pieces (shown below). Once we get them, he won’t want to take it off for a laundry wash. The Star Wars line in the Gymboree holiday collection is definitely one you want to check out!

5. Baby , It’s Cold Outside….

Warm clothes are super important during the winter, children love to run wild outside. Anytime is truly the best time to be a kid! If you’re gearing up to bundle an easy non-toy gift for your little sweet pea, the baby styles at Gymboree.com are so adorable. I found the best baby gifts to keep those cuties warm this holiday season. Are these the cutest?!?! 👇

Whether you’re gifting an outfit, shoes or cute warm pajamas for Christmas (or birthdays), you will never go wrong with clothing. Parents will love you and the kiddos will love you even more with these cute sequin, glitter, and star war theme styles.

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