Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Review: Great for Preemie Kids!

We are a Preemie Family and were so scared to bring Zachary into our world at just 32 weeks. One of my biggest fears was having his general health decline when he was in the NICU. He’s an overall healthy boy, but we ALWAYS need to get him on a breathing treatment when his respiratory issues arise. 

The best part about having cleaner and filtered air quality is having happy kiddos! We have a Pitbull, who sheds lots of hair, I honestly love that we can have fresh clean and purified air with our new Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover.

Zachary always gets respiratory issues, a slight gust of wind, and he’s on a breathing treatment. It’s a seasonal struggle and it never goes away. I almost feel as if he’s got asthma. Our Dr.’s have already informed us about him developing asthma, so I’m super happy that the Allergen Remover that was sent to us as a complimentary gift, is the #1 Recommended by Allergists and the Doctor’s choice!

The unboxing was super easy and fun for the boys to help me with. I was super stoked at how quiet it is, definitely something that I can use all day and if I wanted to leave on throughout the night – it won’t wake us up. The HEPA Allergen Remover is very easy to use and has the coolest settings, turns off by it’s self with the automatic self timer!

One thing I noticed, our air isn’t groggy, giving our medium sized room some refreshing clean air. Dust and odors are no longer an issue, having a pet, it can get a little stinky. This helps control the odor, which I LOVE! The Honeywell air purifier is definitely doing it’s job, helping keep allergens and airborne pollutants out and under control. Which in the end, makes me happy to have a product that’s giving Zachary and Sonny clean air for their little lungs.

Check out my video below, you’ll see the unboxing!

You can find this product on,, Home and! Most of these retailers allow you to purchase online and have the free in-store pick up. SERIOUSLY, I’m obsessed with that pick up in store; here’s why:

  1. Online can offer better savings deals on the product
  2. Free In-Store Pick Up or Free Ship to Store
  3. No Tantrums in the Store with my toddler and saves me time!

This post may contain affiliate links; which means I receive commission if you purchase through my links. You can trust that I will guide you to great deals and cool products that you may like as much as I do. I received this complimentary product to test and provide my honest opinion. 

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