Easy 4 Ingredient Chilaquiles Mexican Breakfast

Salsa, avocado and yummy Mexican cheese are my kryptonite. I absolutely love to cook easy meals, time is valuable. One tip to make this recipe go a lot smoother with time is to pre-make your favorite red or green salsa and store it in a mason jar to refrigerate for multiple meals.

4 Ingredient Chilaquiles


    • 10 (or more) Tortillas, Cut into Triangles
    • 6-8+ Eggs
    • 2 cups of Shredded Cheese, Mozzarella or Mexican Crumble Cheese
    • Pre-Made Salsa (store bought is cool too!)
    • Avocado, garnish (optional)

Takes ,
3-4 people.


    1. Cut your Tortillas into triangle shapes, then Fry them
    2. Pour pre-made salsa on chips after they’re cooked, don’t over moist
    3. Cook your eggs, scrambled or sunny-side up
    4. Layer your eggs on top of the tortillas chips
    5. Sprinkle Cheese as your last layer
    6. Add Avocado for Garnish!

I absolutely love this recipe, it’s super quick and it feeds an army! The easiest way to make this kid-friendly, skip the salsa. Add the salsa to your own serving so you can spice it up as much as you’d like.

Latin households make their own little twist, some of us like to scramble the eggs and add the cooked tortilla chips into a different skillet (once tortillas are fried). Then, there are hispanics like myself, who don’t mind having the eggs separated and placed on the side.


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