7 Gift Ideas for Men (That they’ll actually like!)

Men can be hard to shop for, I can only imagine what it’s like for them to shop for us women! One thing I love about the guys (at least the ones I know), they are very easy going. Gift cards are my safe zone when I buy presents, but they’re not personalized. I wanted to put together a quick short list of 7 gifts for Men that they’ll actually like! Check them out…

This post may contain affiliate links; you can trust that I share sweet deals + cool products that I like & use.

You may ask yourself….
How do I  find out what type of gifts will be nice for your boyfriend or husband? Maybe even your older children! A friend.

Important Tip!

First things first, embrace your inner creeper, detective and hunt their Amazon.com account (if they have one). Go to their Recently Viewed items on their Amazon Prime page. The suggested items will look like the photo below. Be sure to double check the order history to make sure your husband hasn’t already purchased what he was scoping out.

Now let me share some of the gift idea round up items! This is a cool gift guide for Valentine’s Day, his Birthday, Anniversary goodies and Christmas presents.

#1 Tickets to Sports Games, Concerts, Adventure Experiences!

Our recent adventure to see Guns N Roses in concert at the LA Forum this past December 2017!

This is my number one because everyone gets excited to head outside and enjoy life. This works for any man, they’ll love tickets to the movies, sports games, concerts or maybe some paintball fun. You can be a little extra and toss in some fun gear with the tickets. Like a Jersey, Paintball pellets, you get the point. 😉

  • Movie Tickets
  • Sports  Game Tickets
  • Concert Admission
  • Paintball Day Pass

#2 Gifts for the Outdoor enthusiast
Check out what they already have before making these purchases, or get a gift receipt just in case. The one thing I know about my family, it’s full of men who like to enjoy the great outdoors. Maybe you want to get a gift for your dad, brother, or brother in law, these are some ideas:

  • Camping: Tents, Lanterns, Shovels, Chairs, Portable Griddles
  • Fishing: Tackle Box, Waterproof Boots, Hats, Fishing Lures, etc.
  • Sports Gear: anything related to their favorite sport, hats or a jersey!
  • GoPro Camera (+ extra battery), if they’ve already got one, buy an accessory

My husband really likes our portable Boom Duo speaker, we can attach it to our backpacks, bicycles, anywhere and it’s water resistant. Perfect for those beach trips too, since it’s portable, wireless and small.

You won’t go wrong with BassPro Shop, REI or Amazon gift cards! These are always in the safe zone.

#3 Tools for their Hobby or Work

My guy would appreciate anything, one thing that always worries me is his safety while he’s out riding. The best investment that we’ve shared (which I need to purchase a 2nd one of these) is our Portable Jumper Starter at just under $100, it’s worth every penny! Plus, it goes nicely with a few specific hobbies that I’ll be listing below:

  • Motorcycle Enthusiasts / Bikers – Bluetooth Helmets, Gloves, Motorcycle Cleaning Kit, Motorcycle Eyewear Protection
  • Mechanics – Tool Box, Portable Speakers (music while they work), Garage padded seats, grease removing soap (great for gift set idea)
  • ANYTHING to make their hobby and work experience fun and comfortable!

#4 Subscriptions and Services for their Lifestyle

This is one of my favorites, it’s easy and useful for them. Subscriptions and service memberships are a great gift for anyone. These are a few that I personally would recommend:

  • Costco – for the BBQ Grill Masters!
  • AAA – awesome for someone who loves adventure and may need a tow.
  • Apple Music or Pandora – ad free music to their ears.
  • Amazon Prime – everyone loves 2-day delivery.

#5 Electronics

If you can splurge a little, these are some useful electronics that may catch your special guys eyes:

  • Tablet – a new iPad?
  • Computer – Apple iMac, Macbook Air, HP, Dell, these are all great brands that I trust
  • Software – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, you name it!
  • Portable Speakers, as mentioned above..these are a hit!
  • Bose Quiet Comfort35 – these are my absolute favorite headphones! They are AMAZING!

My brother, dad and husband all love tactical gear. One Christmas, this is all I ever purchased for their gifts. Each of the men had their own taste in brands, style, etc. They generally loved the cool holiday presents. It was different!

  • Softshell Jackets for Men are great to keep them warm and they’re very nice for the water resistance
  • Mechanix Gloves are a huge hit! These are very flexible and extremely sturdy, my husband used these in the military on his deployments. PLUS, my dad (former U.S. Marine too!), the mechanic loves that these are excellent for his daily work. These are awesome for riding!
  • Amazon.com has a huge selection of great tactical gear to check out!

#7 Food and Restaurant Gift Cards

You will never, ever, ever go wrong with restaurant gift cards. Men love food! Ernie has so many close friends and for every birthday celebration, we pick up a gift card on the way to the party or event. Some of our favorite restaurant cards are:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • In N Out
  • Chili’s Bar and Grill
  • Subway / Jersey Mikes
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Yard House

These are a few of the “family friendly” places that we know they can find in most cities near Southern California. We like to pair this up with a card and extra gift.

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