How to Save Money on Birthday Gifts

These are my simple ways to cutting back a few extra dollars when I shop for the next kids birthday party. My goal is always to stay within a budget, or keep it convenient. I love to shop for kids, here are my simple ways to shopping smart for birthday gifts. 

Reuse Gift Bags or Shop Dollar Stores
I always have a little stash of birthday gift bags that my kids got from family and friends for their previous birthdays. This is a great inexpensive way to reuse the bag and cut back on the unnecessary expense. Who wants to spend $4-$5 on a bag that is going straight to the trash? NOT ME. Plus, I’m helping my environment by recycling. Please tell me you do this too! LOL So that I don’t seem like a cheap-o parent.

Weekly Sales for your Drug Store Hallmark Cards

If you’re like me, sometimes a quick gift is necessary, especially when you’re on the way to your nephews birthday dinner. These are my gifts that are super unplanned for and I’m limited on time. I’ll drop by my local drug store and grab the 2/$4 cards with a gift card. Life savers for sure!

Toys & Outfits for up to 50% off with Target’s App
Yes, you read that right! Target is notorious for their awesome deals and stackable sales and discounts with their super easy app. Just download the Target App, create your account and you can browse the toy and apparel section for discounted items throughout the store.

Shop Online & Ship to your local Store

Online deals are getting so much better, and most retail locations offer free delivery to your local store for pick up. My favorite online retailers are Target,  Toys R Us, and Walmart, especially during the holidays. The discounts get dirt cheap and are always great to stash for Christmas or Birthday gifts. They make it easy when I can grab my last minute groceries for the week and pick up my order all in-store.

Price Match with Online Retailers

Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Toys R Us, these are just a few locations that carry video games, toys, etc. that are great items to price match from the online giant, or within each other. Don’t be shy, just ask your local store if they price match online competitor prices and you’ll save some cash.

Gift Cards always make people Happy!

If you have run out of ideas and time, just swing by and get a gift card for Toys R Us. You would be surprised, this can actually save you money by spending your set limit and not over purchasing a pricey gift and on wrapping, if you get a little fancy – that’ll cost you a nice extra penny.

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