Weekend Vibes: Fun Kid Stuff Under $10

Our week was busy with work, school, and baseball games. Maybe you can find a couple of ideas from my previous weekend to plan your next Saturday with your kids. Here’s how I spent less than $10 to entertain my kids on Saturday, for a few hours.

Fun stuff for kids under $10

We had Stone Fire Grill, I got the Tri-Tip BBQ Chopped Salad (petite) $7.99 and my boys had a cheese pizza $5 and chicken tenders $5. This of course, was not part of my $10 budget of fun. I like to enjoy healthier options other than McDonald’s drive-thru. If I have enough time to get into some casual nice clothes and look presentable (LOL) these are part of our little weekend foodie spots. Normally, I would do take-out and head to the park but the boys wanted to enjoy lunch on the restaurant patio.

stone fire tri-tip Bbq chopped salad
I wanted to drop by my local park and let them run free. Honestly, I didn’t want to deal with the craziness of a park playground. Sand, shoes, stinky feet, NOPE.

boys playing with bubbles

Dollar Tree
These are the cheap fun toys that I purchased at our local dollar store for the day:

  • 1 Bubble 22 oz. bottle $1
  • 2 Bubble Wands with trays included $2
  • 1 Bouncy Ball $1

Total: $4 + tax

What did they play? 
No specific games, the boys just used the large bubble wands. Once they got bored , they ran around with the wands and smacked the bouncing ball to tease each other. This was a great way to keep them busy for a 1-2 hours.

Frida mexican cuisine

Frida Mexican Cuisine
Our splurge this weekend was a breakfast buffet at Frida, an upscale Mexican cuisine restaurant that is located in Glendale, California. They had so many different varieties of authentic Mexican food. The boys loved the endless food as we actually stayed there for just under 2 hours to celebrate my Grandpa’s 70th birthday. Mariachi was part of the brunch and they had a payaso (clown) taking donations for his cute balloon figures and creations.

This restaurant is a bit pricey, however, if you are celebrating a special event, this is your spot! Our splurge was $120 for this breakfast buffet, which included 2 adult buffet (our kids were both free!) and 1 Michelada for my husband. Our aguas frescas were included with the buffet. It was a nice experience, would not come back with my kiddos as it was a little annoying going back to the buffet lines for all of our meals.

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