10 Ways to Make Extra Money

I just got laid off. Those words typically scare away many families and cause so much extra stress. I’ve been very lucky to have picked up a great freelance/contractor position to create additional income for my family. This isn’t the first freelance position I’ve taken on, some are short term, others are long term. Therefore, I wanted to create a list of 10 Ways to Make Extra Money (as a freelancer or Stay At Home Mom/Dad). There are some fun jobs that are thrown into this mix for those of you who are looking to get creative, work part-time, or ditch your 9 to 5 job.

10 remote job ideas

The first question I get asked, almost always…
Where do you look and find these “work from home”  sources of employment?

Here’s how I’ve been able to manage finding these side gigs.
Follow these steps:

📋 Update your Resume; Work History & Freelance Portfolio
💻 Search Online
😃 Utilize LinkedIn

Field Marketing 
Lawyers, Dentists, Pediatric, and all General Dr.’s Offices like to outsource their marketing with a 1099 contractors. Most of this work requires the ability to drive foot traffic and new customers to their office, and attend company events. It can be as simple as leaving door-hangers in a community, managing social media campaigns online, leaving flyers and promotional ads at your local employment locations (Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, etc break rooms). Typically any location where the employees are offered heath benefits, this is where you want  to drop in for this type of contract.

Photography / Creative Opportunity
For the creative entrepreneur, this is awesome and what I love is having the flexibility to schedule clients with your best availability. A great way to get more clients is by sharing your work on social media. We all start somewhere, so don’t be discouraged to offer your service, even as a newbie! Here are some ideas: Lifestyle photography, Food Stylist & Photography, Blog Photography, Stock Photography. You can actually sell your images on iStockPhoto, Flickr, ShutterStock.

Sell Your Skills as a Service 
This is time consuming to the max! Yet extremely rewarding if you kick-ass in design and creativity. I like to follow some of my favorite #VanLife Instagram accounts who are graphic designers that road trip to their favorite vacation spots and work remotely. A few other ideas: Manage E-commerce website, Social Media Management, Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant, etc. – you get the point 😉 Sign up on Fiverr.com to be a creative seller. You can be a writer, editor, designer, sell your voice overs and offer your service to edit video content! You’re Welcome! This is awesome for someone who wants to make some extra cash anywhere with every skill level.

 Sell your Gently Used Items Online
There are so many new apps that will help you get through a local community to sell your gently used items. If you’ve got an old Nintendo DS, TV, Clothes, random items that you won’t use. Here’s a list of the apps: OfferUp, LetGo, Decluttr, Facebook Buy & Sell Groups, eBay, Craigslist, etc. The list is endless!

Become an Amazon Customer Service Rep and Work from Home
You can check out more details about this job right here. This is a virtual/remote position, so you can work from home.

Craft and Start an Online Business!
If you love creating fun crafts, open an Etsy account, sell on Amazon Homemade, or even place them on Facebook groups. You’d be surprised at how decked out some birthday parties get. Most of us are not so artsy fartsy, plus — it’s time consuming. Therefore, people like to hire craft makers to create their party vision/ideas.

Rent that Extra Room as an AirBNB or your RV!
People like convenience and unfortunately, Hotels are not the greatest Check-In convenience, who wants to wait until 2pm-4pm, sometimes we like to feel like we’re at home at 11am. That’s exactly what an RV and AirBNB.com provide, a custom service rental.

Become an Online Tutor
You can earn up to $13/hr and work from home. What an awesome opportunity if you love to share your knowledge. Sign up at www.Tutor.com

Start your own Medical Transcriptionist Business
You can get certified by take a course at your local community college or charter school. Offer your service with medical offices. This certification won’t guarantee a specific pay grade or guaranteed work, but it will help you!

Become a 1099 Independent Contractor
Make yourself a LinkedIn profile (similar to Facebook) and professionally connect with everyone you know. In the “Search” box, look for “1099 / contractor / remove / virtual ” job opportunities and apply to those that fit your work ethics and experience. I personally like to browse this and save some company profiles and current jobs that offer remote job opportunities. Although they may not be looking to contract a position at the moment, they may in the future!

10 fun remote Job ideas

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