Cheap Family Vacation in Ventura, CA

Going on vacation with a family of 4+ can get pricey, pretty darn quick! That Mom Instinct came in real fast, I wanted to make our vacation as budget friendly as possible. The boys love food, adventure, and having fun as a family.

Cheap vacation to Ventura, CA

Let me share some great ways to save money on your next family getaway, have you heard of I found a killer deal on a sweet hotel, $98 per night at Amanzi Hotel.

I loved that Amanzi Hotel is just half a mile from the Ventura, CA beach pier and they provide free breakfast for their guest, don’t forget about the pool. What more can a savvy mom want?! Free Wifi!!! That sealed the deal, I can enjoy a warm cup of coffee with the convenient coffee machines and refrigerators in each room. Save a few extra dollars by stocking up your mini fridge in your hotel room with family snacks. This will save you time, money and an extra unnecessary trip to the mini market.

If you’re looking for a breath-taking adventure, check out my post that shares details of our visit to the Channel Islands National Park. Pack your family outdoor meals for the day and head out to the beautiful island for a day hike. Your kiddos will love the adventure! We were lucky to spot some beautiful whales on the vessel ride to the Channel Islands. They even have the cutest island fox that you may see running through the beautiful scenery as you hike the island.

Once you get back from your day full of adventure, wind down in the hot tub while the kiddos jump into the pool for an evening swim. My family enjoyed the day and I loved that I was able to keep a budget friendly vacation tab. This was right up our alley, under $100 per night at Hotel Amanzi, which has an excellent rating. Trivago is the place to score the best prices for your next hotel and affordable family getaway.

Thank you guys for reading, this post was sponsored by Trivago, but ALL opinions and adventures ideas are my own. 

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