How Coconut Oil helps my Skin and Hair + Personal Development

My face has never be so soft and youthful! It’s very rare that I wear a full face of make-up, but I will moisturize daily. Religiously! I’d love to hear your tips for keeping your skin youthful and maybe some great products you personally always repurchase. THESE are my must have items for my skin and hair. Continue reading “How Coconut Oil helps my Skin and Hair + Personal Development”

Cute Summer Hairstyles for your Inner Darling

Summer is just around the corner and I’ve found a handful of cute hairstyles that my friends have created! Jeanna and April are some high school friends of mine who are in the cosmetology industry, and they’re sisters! I love to change up my hair throughout the seasons. I tend to grow long hair and randomly chop it off into a pixie or bob style, I’ve never had colored but may consider since…

😳 I’ve Found My First Grey Hair!

Anyhow, let’s show some of those cute hairstyles I’d like to share..

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Killer Sexy Mohawk Updo Hairstyles!

I absolutely love some killer and sexy hairstyles! You can easily style your hair into a cute mohawk for a casual or formal event. I dropped by my local beauty salon and requested a curled mohawk for a sweet 16 party. I am extremely horrible at creating my own updos, therefore, I’d much rather pay and not stress over the situation. Check out some of the cool options that I selected.

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