Weekly Nutshell: Fun Indoor Wrestling Show in LA and Yummy Cupcakes!

This weekend was full of some pretty awesome events! I went to my first wrestling show in a Sun Valley, which is near Los Angeles. Ate some fucking delicious food and desserts. Check it out! You may want to drop by  these places with your friends or family..  Continue reading “Weekly Nutshell: Fun Indoor Wrestling Show in LA and Yummy Cupcakes!”

Gifts for Boys under 5 years old

My favorite part about my role as a #BoyMom or #MomOfBoys are the cool gifts they score for birthdays, Christmas, and the other special occasions. With the holidays coming by, I wanted to share some gift ideas for boys under 5 years old.

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The Cool Dinosaur Museum in LA!

Natural History Museum

Ohh Snap!

The Natural History Museum is definitely one of the places that you want to visit while in Los Angeles, California. It has preserved dinosaur fossils, mammals, gems, cool historical showrooms and a few mini souvenir shops. There’s lots to adventure and it’s perfect for pre-school aged and older kids, we took the boys with us for a short 2 hour trip.

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Cool Cosmic Birthday Party at Sky High Sports – Valencia!


This year we got a little worried that the rain was going to ruin Zachary’s 1st Birthday so we changed plans from an outdoor park celebration, to an indoor trampoline cosmic party! Best decision ever!


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