Kid Friendly things to do in Southern California

Wouldn’t you love to visit a kid friendly location where your babies, toddlers and even teenagers can all enjoy some good ol’ family time?! 2016 was full of adventures for us, living in Southern California definitely has its perks! Check out these cool places…

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Weekly Nutshell: Fun Indoor Wrestling Show in LA and Yummy Cupcakes!

This weekend was full of some pretty awesome events! I went to my first wrestling show in a Sun Valley, which is near Los Angeles. Ate some fucking delicious food and desserts. Check it out! You may want to drop by  these places with your friends or family..  Continue reading “Weekly Nutshell: Fun Indoor Wrestling Show in LA and Yummy Cupcakes!”

Gilchrist Farm Santa Clarita – Pumpkin Patch

Hay! We dropped by the Gilchrist Farm to pet some cute little piglets, milk the momma goat and picked a pumpkin to celebrate the fall. The family farmhouse opened it’s doors to the community this year and it was swarmed with locals stopping by for their family traditions.

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