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welcome to darling tomboy


Hey – How’s it goin’?

I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie while spitting out sunflower seeds and spending most of my summer at my Ma’s house. You would always find me playing outside. Either, riding my bicycle, watching wrestling at 10pm, setting up my grandma’s lawn chairs as a protective shield – while throwing dirt bombs or shooting nerf guns to my neighbors. The same neighborhood boys that I would be fighting away from trying to bully my little brother. Those were the best days of my childhood.

Why did I start Darling Tomboy?
This is where I save my collection of family adventure memories and recipe hoorays (and fails). All while learning to save on some family meals to splurge on our adventures and experiences. Helping you save a few dollars on your target haul, while showing you some cool places that you want to visit with your little family.

Fast forward.
I’m a 20-something year old mom of 2 sweet and wild boys. I like to throw together a quick outfit, hairstyle and meal – to hurry out on an adventure. I’m a wannabe photographer, I like to spend waay too much money on Amazon. HA. I’m always nice, with a bit of a blunt attitude. I like to get my stuff done quickly and effectively. I’ve been living my life (a lot lately) in Micro-Moments. 



I may ditch my weekly dinner idea and just buy a rotisserie chicken – throw it together on a tortilla and -TAADAA –  Taco Tuesday!

Southern California spoils us, we have the outdoor recreational fun and still enjoy the little perks of “Los Angeles & Hollywood”. On weekends, I love to make homemade from scratch pancakes, go hiking, ride, or take my boys to some cool new kid friendly place. Give you some of my honest opinions [pros and cons]

about my blog

In this Lifestyle Blog I’ll share some of my family friendly weekend adventures (how I manage to budget them), which are great for families with young kids. I may toss in a few recipes, awesome restaurants, product reviews or savvy ways to plan a family vacation/getaway. We don’t typically plan many events, we simply like to pick up and go.

Sonny & Zachary, my two boys! You’ll see lots of pictures with these guys. My two dogs: Whiskey (pitbull/american bulldog mix) and Beau (chihuahua/mini pincher mix) are pretty photogenic, they love to cuddle and sneak into my foodie post.

Drop in often, I’d love to make you my new blog friend!

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